Rock This Look Parenthood

| Friday, 30 August 2013 11:00

Some seriously bad fashions are associated with being a parent; think mom jeans, baby bjorns and wearing whatever you just fed your kids. We might not be parents, but it doesn’t take much more than a night of babysitting to understand the woes of unexpected spit up or kids that have gotten a hold of our make up (RIP M.A.C Red lipstick). Let Nadia G and the color purple inspire you to reclaim your style and become an all out “momshell.” Get it?


With kids around, the usual hair concern is that it’s out of tugging reach. And since there’s no time for fancy up dos, check out these tutorials for getting adorable braids like the one’s Nads is rockin’. Bonus: they totally make you look younger (that’s something moms worry about, right?).


We all know that you’re too busy packing lunch, doing laundry and driving carpool to get some sleep, and trust us, under eye bags are never a good look. Do a little reading on how to wear purple eyeshadow (it makes green eyes pop) and grab Sephora’s Jumbo Liner. Then, lock the bathroom door and have fun using G’s favorite M.A.C shadows in ‘Brun,’ ‘Phloof!‘ and ‘Saddle‘ to complete the look. You’ll have everyone on the PTA taking a second look.

Lips & Cheeks

Silly straws might be a part of your new routine, but a knockout set of lips is still a must! Try combining M.A.C ‘Ruby Woo’ lipstick and ‘Cherry’ lip liner for color much more flattering than a Kool Aid stain. While you’re at it, bring back a youthful glow with ‘Dainty’ mineralized blush. Wearing it can be your excuse to skip the line for face painting at the next birthday party.


Broken tips, chipped polish and mysterious foods stuck underneath are things your nails have to put up with when you throw on your mom hat. Show ‘em you still love em, by using Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dry Nail Polish. Your baby might not notice it, but looking down to a bright colored purple during every diaper change might just brighten your mood.


Nadia’s ‘Grupee‘ Diesel jeans are reason alone to get back to your pre-mom rockin’ bod and a skinny jean screams “hey, I’m not giving up just yet.” Paired with a knockout vintage sequined top that keeps with your color scheme, people will likely mistake you for the babysitter. We found some great tops here, here and here.


Don’t be the mom who goes out and forgets she’s still wearing slippers. Heels might not be gravel park appropriate, but they work just about everywhere else. You might be thinking, “I can’t chase after the kids in those,” but what we’re saying is… “exactly.” Nadia’s Rocket Dogs have already been snatched up, but there is no shortage of cute purple heels online here or here.


Boondoggle is cool for the little ones, but you still deserve something seriously hot on your wrists. G donned her Liquid Metal bracelet for this episode and when you do, you’ll feel like a fancy television chef too. Or, at least a little more high fashion when you’re whipping up lunch. Check out the collection here, and grab one here. Check out this video of Sergio Gutierrez and his to die for designs!

Dressing up and feeling good shouldn’t be left for the sacred days the kids are away at their grandparents. Remember to pamper yourself a little between sleepovers and tea parties, even the little ones will thank you hanging up your sweats.

By: Eva Severed

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