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Kulture Balloons to blow your mind

Prepare to have your mind blown as musician and YouTube celebrity Andrew Huang recreates the song “99 Red Balloons” — using nothing but red balloons. ...


Rock This Look Nashville

Drawing inspiration from classic prints and soft colors, Nadia G looks pretty as a southern belle in this week’s Nashville episode.


Kulture Black is the new black

    Proving once again that humans are irrationally superficial, Burger King’s latest gimmick — besides planning a move to Canada to dodge U.S. ...

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Bite This Nashville

It’s game night! Nadia and the boys are shkoffing some of America’s best grub in Nashville! Also in this episode: The Spice Agent gets freaked ...

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Kulture An ode to the obsolete Nokia

Every time Apple comes out with a new iPhone, the hubbub is monumental. We gasp at its eye-popping curves, we imagine running our fingers ...


Fresh Apple Gimlet

At some point this month you’ll be making the annual apple picking pilgrimage to some remote farm 45 minutes out of the city. With ...


WTFRU Wearing Pizza Onesie

When we saw these photos of Katy Perry out in public in a pizza onesie, our first reaction was jealousy. And although we may ...


Rock This Look Louisville

Louisville has some great taste, but it’s Nadia G’s dress that has people talking. Much like last week’s look, this ensemble is an amalgamation ...

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Kulture Send us a taco, yo!

Want to send your pal a taco? There’s an app for that. Taco Text lets users send emoji tacos using text messages, social media, or ...