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The scent of a woman can sometimes be described as soft powder, sweet floral or even cotton candy. Well, move over Dior, Burger King has something else in mind. ... Read More
The Menstruators - Hey Yea

If punk is dead, Nadia G did not get the memo. Fresh from yesterday's jam session, here's a rough track called 'Hey Yea' -- via G's new band 'The Menstruators'. Vocals: Nadia G, Guitar: Robin Feldman, Bass & Vocals: Ken ... Read More

Stressing Over Stale Cereal

We're not morning people, which makes us particularly susceptible to breakfast irritation. So sure, especially before our first two pots of coffee, we might be irrationally annoyed by crappy kitchen etiquette. But seriously, is it THAT hard to close the ... Read More

My dad does business with a sushi shop, exchanging work for gift certificates. As such, I’ve ingested my share of rolls, teriyakis, and tempura bananas. Thing is, recreating this craving at home can be a real hassle. And ... Read More