Emergency Brake Escapades

Ah, the car. If there's one thing outside the home and the pocketbook that sets a relationship on edge, it's the car. One of our fans writes in: "I'm not one to stereotype female drivers, but there is one thing ... Read More

For vegetarians who recoil at the thought of putting a corpse inside of a corpse inside of a corpse, rejoice! Behold the cherpumple — a dessert version of the turducken. The name "cherpumple" is a portmanteau — kind of a word ... Read More
As lovers of dark liquors, we're always on the hunt for unusual whiskey-based cocktails. This long-forgotten classic combines bourbon and champagne into a timeless concoction once enjoyed by the likes F. Scott Fitzgerald and Al Capone. The drink is named after ... Read More
iPadding in Bed

When you live alone, you're free to do whatever you want after bed — toss, turn, masturbate furiously to furry porn, or turn on the light and read a book. That all changes when you've got a partner next ... Read More