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| Friday, 27 February 2009 22:22


The fantastic design of Brazilian designer Fernando Akasaka’s golden skull “Frankie” Table Lamp allows it to slip surreptitiously into the most modern and sleek of surroundings, and blend in perfectly. Turn it on, and the eyes glow an eerie blue, which looks pretty badass.

If you host a lot of parties, have a fascination with all things Halloweeney and macabre, or are looking for a grown-up replacement for your nightlight, this lamp would be perfect for your pad. The light bulbs are interchangeable and you can adjust the wattage to make the creepy factor more or less intense. But really, a skull with gently glowing eyes… who are you trying to kid? If you already have a glowing skull in your living room, you might as well go all out and let the eye sockets blaze away.

Via Cool Hunting.

By: Dallas Curow

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