#PartnerShaming Nonstick nonsense

| Monday, 23 March 2015 20:18


We’ve all been around the block long enough to know that you shouldn’t use metal utensils on nonstick pans — right? Apparently not, if this #partnershaming is any indication.

Our fan writes that her stepdad, boyfriend, and siblings (of both genders) all regularly use metal spatulas to chisel food off their nonstick cookware. Not only is it scratching up the pans, but it’s also raising health concerns.

There’s quite a bit of controversy around nonstick coatings and whether they’re a threat to your health. Some consumer groups warn about the vapors released by the coatings at high temperatures or the small flakes of coating that come off during use. (Industrial players like chemical giant DuPont and coating maker GMM refute those claims, calling them “myths.”)

Whether or not you’re concerned with potential health risks, there are other reasons to nix nonstick. Every single pan we’ve owned has gone from nonstick to extra sticky within just a year or two of use. Part of this is because we’re hard on our cookware, but part of it is because those nonstick coatings are just plain fragile compared to stainless steel or cast iron. And in a glam kitchen, a mangled pan is just plain ugly.

What to do instead? Buy a silicone or wooden utensil, like our Heart Spoon, or go for an uncoated, cast-iron pan. Or, you know, just keep shaming your partner. Whatever works.

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