Culture Mother’s Day Gifts that Don’t Suck

| Wednesday, 29 April 2015 19:11

We give our moms a hard time all year round. Missing calls, failing to call back, avoiding the weekly visits (you’re not the favorite, obviously, your sibling is the golden child.)

Well, we have a fantastic way for you to take the throne as favorite kid come Mother’s Day. With our scheming (and great discounts) combined, you WILL succeed.

The Bitchin’ Bundle


We don’t want to drop any names but this bundles comes with the official BK apron + mitts  designed by Nadia G herself! Limited quantities are available so, show mom you care and get her something a celebrity designed.

Leopard Print Apron + Complete Season of Bitchin’ Kitchen

Not only will you present her with hours of food tips, awesome recipes, slightly awkward Nadia G moments, but you’ll also be giving her the gift of a oiled up Hans in tiny undies. Need we say more? If you throw in one of Nadia G’s originally designed aprons, we can bet that she’ll love being in the kitchen looking sexy as ever.

Skull and tea bone infuser + the Fisticup


You’re mom’s cool, right? Well, she should be. If she likes tea, then this is the gift for her. You’re shaking up teatime and showing her that she can relax and be super hip as well. On the plus side if she hates the gift she can always use the knuckle pounder cup to show her frustration at your lack of returning her calls. Call your mother!

Heart Spoon + Splatter Fruit Bowl


Your mom loves to cook, but she may be dealing with some old pots, pans, and bowls. Decrepit Teflon flaking in to your meals is not food safe, FYI. So hook her up with some wicked kitchen accessories that won’t give the family cancer. The heart shaped spoon shows how much you really love her, and the splash bowl is a great center piece for her dining table. It doubles up as a great salad bowl or hat.

The Nadia G Cookbook Bundle

Moms who collect cookbooks are totally cooler than moms who collect plastic ziplock bags. We get that you can wash them, dry them out, and reuse them, but the top drawer is a chaotic plastic mess that looks like where Dexter keeps his murdering supplies. These two cookbooks are way cooler, has mouthwatering recipes and has loads of funny reading material. Plastic can’t give you that.

Save 30% on the entire store when you use the code: 4MOM at

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