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| Wednesday, 18 March 2015 22:06

whopperperfumeThe scent of a woman can sometimes be described as soft powder, sweet floral or even cotton candy. Well, move over Dior, Burger King has something else in mind. Time to start smelling like a greasy burger joint and dab some eau de Whopper on your neck.

In all seriousness, Burger King Japan is releasing a scent in celebration of Whopper Day – which just so happens to coincide with April Fools Day. So what does it smell like? If the name is any indication, Flame-Grilled, I’d expect some smokey meat aroma wafting in the air come April.


They always said a way to a man’s heart his through his stomach, now with the purchase of this fine perfume, you’ll also get a free Whopper. The possibilities are endless. Well, if you don’t mind smelling like a hunk of meat.

Via Mashable

By Angelique Picanco

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