Interviews Mixin’ in the Kitchen With Mike Relm

| Friday, 26 October 2012 18:30

When the crew heard that Mike Relm would be remixing Bitchin’ Kitchen’s Halloween Special, we were beyond excited! It’s not every day that you get to chat with a renowned American disc jockey, turntablist and VJ.

He’s toured with Blue Man Group, performed at Coachella and produced countless music videos, commercials and short films. Now adding zombified BK crewmember to his list of accomplishments, Mr. Relm agreed to answer some rapid-fire questions for us and totally made our day.

What inspires you to choose which movies you remix?
It’s pretty simple for me, if I like it, I’ll remix it.

Besides Bitchin’ Kitchen, what was your favorite video to work on?
That’s a tough one, of course Bitchin Kitchen was great because it really went beyond what I normally do for remixes. Hard to top getting zombified! I really liked working on my Iron Man 2 and Scott Pilgrim remixes. Dredd 3D was a lot of fun too since there was so much awesome slow mo.

Candy Time! We love what you did with the BK Halloween Special. What was the inspiration for that?
The show is so much fun, I basically wanted to make a song that reflected the mayhem. The toughest part was choosing which phrases to use since everyone has such great lines and personalities.

What’s your favorite city to perform in and why?
I love Tokyo. Something about the energy and appreciation for the music and visual arts is incredibly inspiring. Also doesn’t hurt that the food is amazing.

Tell us how to “Rock Your Look.” Black suit, white dress shirt and skinny black tie.  Let’s not forget your tres cool glasses!
The key is to wear a suit that fits. Nothing says, “please don’t take me seriously” like an ill-fitting suit. And if you’re going to button the jacket, don’t button the bottom one. Obviously, the glasses must be prescription.

We gotta ask: who were your musical influences growing up?
Growing up I listened to a lot of film scores and Hip Hop. Danny Elfman, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Hendrix, Tribe Called Quest. They still heavily influence me, even as I’m making electronic music and movie remixes.

If you weren’t a DJ, what do you think you’d be doing for a living?
I’m pretty good at cutting hair, I’d probably be a stylist.

Who DJ’d your wedding?
We couldn’t decide who would be our DJ, so we eloped.

What’s your signature cocktail?
Hendricks and tonic.

What’s your ultimate comfort food?
Chicken tortilla soup.

Do you cook? What’s your signature dish?
I can do some pretty cool things with salmon. I like sprinkling a pack of dried miso soup on top and popping it in the oven or sear it on a frying pan. It’s yummy, but I wouldn’t quite call it bitchin’.

Is there anyone you would love to work with in the future?
Panos, Hans, and the Spice Agent.

How did you coin the name ‘Mike Relm?’
My friends started calling me that since my DJ name was Relm and they didn’t know my last name.

‘Beast,’ the short film you directed, features Archangel Lucifer and God as “Mob Fathers.” Where did you come up with the idea to tell their story in this way?
It was an idea that my writing partner Peter Songsiri and I had been kicking around. We both like mob movies and thought it might be cool to see a conversation between God and Lucifer.

Why did you decide to make it black and white? Is it to symbolize the dark and light? Or good vs. evil?
I’m just a big fan of black and white. I wouldn’t say it’s appropriate for everything, but for this, it felt right. We were able to do things like make the door at the end of the hallway pure white, which blends in a little easier without color.

What are you most passionate about: music or film? Do you see a feature film directorial debut in your future?
At this point I’m pretty equal on both, which would explain the amount of movie remixes I’ve done. Would I like to direct a feature film? Yeah, doesn’t everyone?

Any words of advice for aspiring DJ’s out there?
Get ready for a fun, bumpy road!

Any new projects? What’s next for you?
More music, more videos. Not necessarily in that order.

Check Mike Relm out here and follow him on Twitter.

By: Angelique Picanco

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