Testing 1-2-3 Maybelline 24 SuperStay 2 Step Lip Color

| Tuesday, 22 March 2011 16:13


Most makeup artists will tell you to focus on one facial feature and then back off with the others. Unless you’re in the circus or walking the runway, of course. I’ll admit, I tend to play with eye color the most, but when I saw Maybelline’s commercial for their SuperStay lip color, that claimed to last for 24 hours, I just had to try it!

The product comes in a tube, similar to a two-step mascara  – you know, those ones with the white base coat? Except this time, one end holds the color and the other end houses a lip conditioning balm that goes on clear.

The instructions say to put on one coat of the color and let it dry for about two minutes and then to put on a layer of the lip balm. Easy stuff, right? I chose the color “Berry Persistent,” a nice hybrid of pink and red. One thing I noticed is that the texture of the product is like a thin, oily lip-gloss but it dries fairly quickly. I waited 5 minutes just to be safe and then applied the balm. The balm adds a nice shine and makes your lips feel really soft. Maybelline boasts 30 shades to choose from in this line, so there’s something for everyone!

I went about my day as usual, even facing the brutal Canadian winter with this tough-chick lip color. I have to say, it fared pretty well during the day. When I ate, not even a speck of color rubbed off onto a napkin AND I never got that dreaded lipstick stain on my teeth from smiling. The only thing that rubs off slightly is the balm, which is clear and you can easily add another coat.

Things were looking good until I awoke the next morning.  After only 18 hours of wear, Maybelline 24 SuperStay FAILED! So close, yet so far! The color had almost completely faded away, leaving just a hint of “berry” but not much “persistence.”


In all honesty, I was satisfied with the product. For starters, who goes to bed with lipstick on hoping that they won’t have to reapply in the morning? A prostitute, maybe. Moving on. Either way, I think 16 hours of lip wear is good enough for the traditional woman.

I for one just HAD to wash my face and start fresh. Maybelline says to remove it with an oil-based makeup remover. Beware! Even though the color had mostly faded, I still had to gently scrape off the remaining color with my nail. This sucker may not stay bold for a full 24 hours but it definitely hangs on for dear life at the end!

All in all, I would say this is a great product. In this video, the makeup artist actually says the color lasts up to 16 hours, which is spot on. Also, unlike other lipsticks, this one doesn’t crumble, cake and definitely doesn’t transfer, so I give them major props for that! Don’t expect a full 24 hours but if you want a color that will last you for the whole day, then I say give Maybelline 24 SuperStay 2 Step Lip Color a try!

By: Lisa Ferlaino

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