#PartnerShaming March of the Water Bottles

| Monday, 16 February 2015 01:32


This week’s #partnershaming was submitted by a fan whose lady friend spends a lot of time at the gym. Trouble is, when she comes home, her water bottles find a home on the floor — lined up along the wall as in the photo above. Dear, we might love what your exercise obsession does in the bedroom, but we sure hate what it’s done to the rest of the house. We do not need these suckers clustered together like freaking emperor penguins in wintertime, okay?

Look, if it’s not cool to leave your shoes strewn about the house, then it’s not cool to let a herd of water bottles roam about the apartment unattended. Deal? Deal.

Does your partner do annoying things? Submit your photos with a brief description of what pisses you off and we’ll post it! Send snaps to angelique@bitchinlifestyle.tv

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