Rock This Look Mad Men(u)

| Monday, 26 August 2013 10:00

In the 50s, you had the choice between looking sharp and looking square. Women rocked swing dresses or pencil skirts, and acted totally proper (never opting for Uggs over heels). And while we won’t be switching up our leopard print for soft pastels any time soon, we wouldn’t mind adopting the end of day drinking tradition…


Recreating Nadia’s flawless face for a night of back seat bingo is easy. ‘Nylon’ M.A.C eye shadow for your lids and ‘Embark’ & ‘Carbon’ M.A.C Eye shadows for your crease create one out of this world look. Then, ‘Dolly Mix’ M.A.C Blush & ‘Golden’ M.A.C Bronzer, G’s go-to products, will have all the daddy-os taking a second peek.

Lips & Polish

Marilyn Monroe had a set of stand out lips that girls still try to attain today (not to mention curves). ‘Girl About Town’ M.A.C Lipstick is Nadia’s favourite for a bright pop of colour. She keeps it classy with ‘Kendall-ed Up’ O.P.I. Nail Polish for tips that are too pretty to ruin doing the dishes.

Featured Accessory

You know the deal, M. Cohen Bracelet Stack goes with just about anything and G makes sure she’s stacking, daily. You can’t blame her for passing on the wild bathing caps of the period, that’s one accessory that can stay back in time.

Vintage Betsy Johnson Dress

Dresses from the 50s era, while pretty classy, were as tight as a sausage casing! G goes for the opposite, sporting a flowing tunic dress. This Leopard print number is no longer available (what a drag), but you shouldn’t let that stop you from hunting down some feminine, vintage pieces of your own. We love this dress over at Modcloth!

Featured Shews

Want these shoes? Can’t have ‘em! These custom heels by The Swanx were hand-painted by Amy Buchheit Art! If you look closely, you’ll spot baby doll body parts AND the BK logo. Definitely bitchin’. If you’re digging the shoe, you can get a similar style here. If you’re digging the hand painted design you can take a stab at your own DIY project and follow this guide on how to paint your shoes here. Psst. Be sure to visit Amy’s website here, she’s awesome.


Have you ever slept in a set of hair curlers? Ouch! While Nadia can get behind the simplicity of pinning, you won’t ever see her imitating Lucielle Ball’s poodle cut. Today, we’re more chill with our wild manes, and the ozone can thank us for that. Don’t be afraid to try out vintage styles, just follow a YouTube tutorial!

Next time you decide to go out and have a gas, remember that 50’s hipsters were much easier to handle than the today’s.

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