#PartnerShaming iPhone Impotence

| Monday, 25 May 2015 18:20


If there’s one thing more annoying than your partner’s smartphone addiction, it’s when their iPhone goes dead in the water.

“Come back, boyfriend! I need to send you an endless stream of pictures of my cats!!” writes one fan, who says she’s frustrated by her significant other’s finicky phone battery. “Is it that hard to make sure your phone’s charged before you leave the house?!?”

As an iPhone owner, I gotta say: Yes, sometimes it really is that hard to keep my phone charged, especially if I’m out around town for a long time or at a sportsball event. I use my phone a lot, and those iPhone batteries are about as resilient as my calf muscles when I go jogging — they’ll get me to the grocery store, but they sure as hell won’t get me back.

Maybe it’s time to invest in one of those external power packs…

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