#PartnerShaming iPadding in Bed

| Monday, 1 June 2015 18:32


When you live alone, you’re free to do whatever you want after bed — toss, turn, masturbate furiously to furry porn, or turn on the light and read a book. That all changes when you’ve got a partner next to you.

Reading used to always be my go-to solution when I couldn’t fall asleep, but when I’m sleeping with a partner (who, because I’m a night owl, usually falls asleep before me), that feels off-limits. I don’t want to turn on a lamp to read a book, and my iPad throws off too much light for me to feel good about using it next to someone I care about.

Apparently not everyone feels that way. Our fan notes that she regularly basks in the glow of her significant other’s iPad while he reads or, worse, watches videos. Even with earbuds, that little buzzing can be infuriating.

So we’re curious: What do you do? If you and your partner aren’t on the same sleep schedule but enjoy going to bed together, how do you solve that problem? Short of strangulation, of course.

And hey, all you inconsiderate iPadders out there? If shaming isn’t enough for you to change your ways, how about this headline?

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 11.50.42 AM

Does your partner do annoying things? Submit your photos in the comments or on Facebook orTwitter with a brief description of what pisses you off and we’ll post it!

By the way, there wasn’t a picture to go along with this, and we gave up after trying to take one ourselves — so we stole one from this place (which seems to have stolen it from someplace else because teh internetz).

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