Culture Immigrant Shows Trump Where to Stick It

| Wednesday, 15 July 2015 18:08

Nothing says revenge like a buttplug. Hot on the heels of presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s racist comments that Mexican immigrants are drug smugglers and rapists who are “bringing crime” into the United States, one immigrant is showing the loudmouthed combover magnate exactly where he can stick it.

Artist Fernando Sosa, who moved to the U.S. from Mexico when he was 11 and now runs a 3D printing business, has crafted a full-color butt plug modeled after The Trump. Like the candidate, it has a “course finish,” Sosa writes, but unlike Trump it also has a “delicate feel.”


Douchebag conservative candidates haven’t had it this tough since sex columnist Dan Savage took aim at Rick Santorum by redefining his last name as “the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex.” (Only “sometimes,” he later clarified, “because, if you’re doing it right, there’s no santorum!”)

As for the Trump plug, Sosa says he usually makes butt plugs “to insult dictators, homophobes and politicians. However, when i heard Donald Trump’s remarks about Mexicans and latinos from south america I was extremely angry.”

Addressing Trump directly on the Etsy page where the plug is sold, Sosa continues: “You can threaten to sue me like you have done hundreds of times to others. However, You are a Public figure and me making you into a shape of a butt plug is Freedom of speech. Welcome to America Mother Fucker!!”


Trump isn’t just lashing out at Mexican immigrants. On Twitter this past weekend, he took aim at escaped drug lord “El Chapo.” While candidates like Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush would “negotiate,” he tweeted, “Trump, however, would kick his ass!”

Luckily, thanks to Sosa, El Chapo’s isn’t the only ass Trump is headed for. Fork over a measly $30 and you yourself can stick Trump where the sun don’t shine.

“Next time you decide to insult a whole race in order to further your political career or get yourself on TV,” Sosa warns, “Remember we are engineers, we are 3D printers, we are doctors, we clean your house and we cook the food you eat so Don’t Fuck with us.”

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