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| Thursday, 25 December 2014 10:00

cartoonthumbSince Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without all the sweet holiday specials we’ve grown so attached to over the years, Bitchin’ Lifestyle lists off our favorite holiday cartoons for your enjoyment. Never seen them? For shame. Already know them? Pass them on to the next generation.

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer had a very shiny nose…but not because he was an alcoholic. Above any other Christmas cartoon this one has remained my favorite throughout the years. The set in the North Pole finds Rudolph treated as an outcast because he has a red light bulb for a nose. Almost everyone, including his own father is ashamed of him, making it hard to get close to Clarisse, the young doe who he’s secretly in love with. Rudolph soon meets Hermey, an elf who wants to be a dentist and probably the first ambiguously gay cartoon character in television history.

The two outcast friends decide to run away and meet the third member of their crew, a prospector named Yukon Cornelius. On their adventures, they get attacked by an abominable snowman, visit the Island of Misfit Toys, and learn that the things that make them different are also the same things that make them special. I don’t want to spoil anything for the viewers out there who haven’t seen it, but things eventually get pretty intense up at the North Pole. All you need to know is that after being emotionally tormented by his father, Donner, and those miserable reindeer friends of his, Rudolph went on to save freaking’ Christmas, sticking it to everyone who doubted him. Can you say the same? I think not.

Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas

It’s awesome watching a character who has all the sweetness of a seasick crocodile learn the true meaning of Christmas and most importantly, it never gets old. Some wonderfully comedic animation, coupled with a tour-de-force narration by Boris Karloff have helped keep this Dr.Seuss classic atop people’s lists of treasured holiday movies since it first aired in 1966. They tried and almost succeeded in ruining this cartoon gem with the 2000 release of a live action version starring Jim Carey as the Mask…uh, I mean the Grinch. Despite the whack of money the film pulled down, it ironically managed to leave out everything that was charming and meaningful about the original.

The simplicity of the characters and timelessness of the morals were quickly lost by transforming the Whos into way-to-real people, giving the Grinch a tormented back-story and strapping a rocket to his sleigh. So if you want to enjoy the talented Carey in a real Christmas movie, make the trip to theaters for A Christmas Carol (3D!), which is allowed an entertaining and infinitely more faithful re-imagining. But if you’d rather spend the holidays with the Grinch, just gather the fam, carve yourself a few slices of roast beast and get merry with the classic version.

Pluto’s Christmas Tree

Any Mickey Mouse cartoon is a hit in our books, especially one involving Chip and Dale. Chip and Dale’s reign of terror begin with Mickey Mouse and Pluto innocently heading out to look for a tree to decorate. Chip and Dale, being the sh*t-disturbers that they are, taunt Pluto by pelting him with pine nuts and end up being chased into the very tree Mrickey Mouse decides to chop down.

Once inside, the little buggers quickly become amazed with all the Christmas tree bling, but it doesn’t last for long. The second Pluto catches Dale messing with the Christmas lights all hell breaks loose. Trying to catch the pesky chipmunks, Pluto ends up destroying most of the Christmas gifts and totalling the tree. Mickey is not amused, but fear not! With it being Christmas (and Disney), all is soon forgiven. We even get a cute little Christmas song at the end. Aw.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Know how you can tell the Charlie Brown Christmas special is a classic? Because for my entire life, present Christmas included, whenever people come across a crappy enough Christmas tree, all scant and droopy with brown needles, they call it a Charlie Brown tree. Now that’s pop culture. Another golden oldie, this cartoon has aired every year, often more than once, since it first debuted in 1965. That’s 44 years of people watching a bald kid in a yellow shirt be ostracized by his peers in a world with no adults. It also marks the only Christmas special to feature rockin’ music still known to spark spontaneous dance parties in groups of friends whenever it starts to play.

And in the end, all the kids still manage to realize that the tree they thought was terrible and ugly could be beautiful if just given a little love. This helps make the Charlie Brown Christmas moral, warning of the pitfalls and emptiness of commercialism, ring ever truer in today’s world of runaway consumer culture. Buy it for someone on DVD this holiday season.

Happy Holidays,

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