Rock This Look Heavy Metal

| Wednesday, 25 March 2015 10:00

We loved Nadia’s look on Sick Kitchen’s so much that we decided to scour the interwebs for some similar styles so you could rock the yourself. Say hello to the sleek modern rocker, minus the frizzy 80s hair.

To nab Nadia’s look you’ll need:

RTL_Metallic 2

Basic Black

If you have a black T in your closet, you’re off to a good start. This causal piece is perfect for a super casual look or, in this case dressing an outfit up.

Metallic Jeans

The focal point of this outfit is these silver coated jeans. When you walk into a club, all eyes will definitely be on you. Sleek and skinny, they’re and ode to rock n’ roll and a middle finger to what’s trending.


Play up the look with bold jewelry and statement watches. This Geneva Black American Diamond Studded Watch is sold out (and pretty pricey). Opt for this thrifty option. We love the sexy Kristina George clutch that would totally compliment the outfit if it didn’t require 2 weeks salary. For the rest of us, we’ll stick with a statement clutch with a more affordable price tag.


Gs all about them Louboutins and it’s hard to argue why they are a must-have for any lady. Especially since these Pigalle heels can double up as a weapon if an admirer gets too close for comfort. Any black stappy heel will do, so go on live a little.

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