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| Friday, 28 December 2012 09:00

They say that life is about enjoying the “little things.” When it comes to quality time in the kitchen, I don’t need to successfully create a five course dinner to be happy. In fact, mac ‘n cheese for one can be a great feeling. Check out my list of every day smile inducing kitchen occurrences. 

The first scoop of peanut butter from a new jar.
Fresh, untouched. It’s even better than walking in fresh snow.

Getting to the microwave/timer before it goes off.
No one likes the sound of that “beep, beep, beep.” Beating it is like a giant “HAH!”

Having exactly enough of an ingredient to make a recipe.
No need to google substitutions OR hit the store. Amazing!

Forgetting about great leftovers.
Too groggy first thing to remember last night’s pizza. And then you see it. Bliss.

Finding the tool you need right when you open the cupboard/drawer.
No strawberry huller expedition required. And absolutely no pizza cutter pokes.

Having breakfast made for you.
The smell of syrup on pancakes. Those trays you eat on in bed. Food without effort!

The smell of onions cooking/not crying while cutting them.
You avoided tearing up and now your entire household reaps the benefit of their scent.

Avoiding a barrage of Tupperware/finding matching lids.
You open the cupboard and are not buried. You don’t play mix & match for hours either.

Dripping on your sock instead of the floor.
You see the culprit leave your spoon and head south. You catch it, no clean up. Score.

Letting someone else clean up.
Dishes are the worst part about cooking. Seeing someone else sweat over them is love.

Dessert as the main course.
It’s a birthday or binge alone rarity, and it’s so sweet.

When no pasta sticks to the bottom of the pot.
Or any food, or to a strainer. Your nails are saved from pesky picking.

Successfully eating things past the expiry date.
Taking a gamble on something two days old and surviving. Never attempt with milk.

I could probably go on, but you get it! We make our own happiness, but kitchens do their best to cheer us up too. Don’t be afraid to dance around while you cook, play some obnoxious tunes and make your kitchen time as bitchin’ as you are. Stay hungry, stay happy!

By: Eva Severed

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