Testing 1-2-3 Grocery Delivery

| Thursday, 11 December 2014 20:18

Grocery delivery is not a new thing. Sure… maybe some of the older folks you know have given up wandering the food aisles and have switched to the online game, but it seems like young folks are still passing up the opportunity to save valuable time getting their produce. So when I had the chance to break through the soggy-vegetable stigma of ordering my zucchini online, I took it. No, I’m not a hipster. I’ve just had enough of going full-cart on the last minute check-out items.

Front Door Organics is killing it in Toronto. With weekly delivery of entirely organic fruit, veg, and package fare, there’s nothing their missing from your need-to-avoid-scurvy list or your need-to-hide-feelings list. Unless you’re still eating non-organic Cheetos. Step in to 2014, people. 

With a few different price points for different sized families (or appetites), I went with the Medium Brood box, that runs for $42 with free shipping. After checking my zone and delivery times, and having my roommate (mom) promise to answer the door so my goods weren’t stolen by the neighbourhood squirrels, I got down to business. In this case, business is checking off little boxes.


You can either go with the fresh selections chosen weekly for each selected box, or you can customize. No one who knows me is surprised that I jumped on the opportunity to knock kiwi off my list, and put more apples on. Look, I’m the type of person that’ll fight someone who doesn’t like broccoli, but I can’t keep most fruit down. But it’s cool, because Front Door Organics lets you be an all veg, all fruit, or a half and half kind of person. 

Then, as your other amazon orders arrive, feel the anxiety to see if they’ll show up in their oh-so-wide delivery window. The elves who work there did in fact deliver, placing a big recyclable box on my front stoop, ringing the door bell, and being long gone before I could praise them. Inside, my first ever shallot (don’t judge me) and a wondrous rarity called “broccolini.” I was Skyping my bff in London, England at the time, and she wondered if the zucchini were pickles. Yes, organic produce is much smaller than it’s GMO counterparts, but what they lack in size they make up for in flavour, much like the short people who bring you BK (shoutout to Ange, and this shorty right here). Here’s what I got for $42: 


1 Squash, Sweet Dumpling

1 Bag of Yellow Potatoes

2 Shallots 

1 Broccolette (aka Broccolini)

6 Apples, Gala

2 Pears, Bosc

4 (little) Zucchini

1 Kale, Black

1 Arugula, living in soil 


Not too shabby. And you know it only took minutes for me to get online to search for recipes to use these treasures in. These Zucchini Boats and this Kale and Broccolette Pizza are going to happen. See…ordering veggies means making pizza. It’s a beautiful world we live in. 

Thinking about letting someone come to your door with a basket of local, organic food? If you’re living in Toronto, check out Front Door Organics. If not, a quick google search will find your local food-loving hippies! Befriend them now, and never have to put a quarter in a shopping cart again.

By: Eva Severed

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