Design & Decor Good Morning: An alarm clock that makes you coffee

| Tuesday, 23 September 2014 13:00

The annoying sound of another workday is upon me and the real victim is the innocent sound my phone was programmed to make. No matter how many times I change the alarm ringtone – even to a more heavenly one –  I end up resenting, almost hating it with a fiery intensity. Not to mention that during the day, there’s always that awkward moment when a random person’s phone rings and it’s the same gut wrenching sound my phone makes at 6am. Don’t lie, you instantly hate that guy too.

Well good news, curmudgeons! Alarm clocks don’t have to be the Nickelbacks of Canada any longer. The Barisieur alarm clock soothingly nudges you awake with the glorious aroma of coffee. How you ask?


Via Design Milk

Designer Joshua Renouf has created an alarm clock using induction heating and stainless steel ball bearings. The Barisieur doesn’t shake you awake with annoying bells or that favorite tune you now hate. Rather, it slowly eases you in to the day with the soft jingling sounds of the bearings as the water boils.

Via Design Milk

via Design Milk

It’s pretty hard to hate something when they make you fresh coffee in the morning, right? Also, smashing it to pieces would probably result in a trip to the hospital with third degree burns and a couple stitches. Well played alarm clock, well played.

Design Milk has more pictures, including how the device also stores milk and sugar!

By Angelique Picanco

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