DIY Glamming up Your Pumpkins

| Wednesday, 22 October 2014 10:00

newthumbpumpI was the type of kid that at 5 years old, wouldn’t eat my dinner unless I watched Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video. I loved horror movies and my favorite holiday wasn’t Christmas, it was Halloween. This year, I’m trying something a little different. Glam Pumpkins.

If you’re the type of gal who doesn’t like getting her hands dirty, this is just the DIY for you. Pumpkin guts is a problem. I feel you. It gets in my nails and cakes onto my arms. When pumpkin guts dry, they’re a bitch to rip off (though with all the arm hair they take off, it’s almost like a DIY waxing kit… that sucks.)

Since none of the BK gals really like pumpkin insides, we’ve compiled an easy how-to guide to glamming up your pumpkins with no muss, no fuss and definitely NO CARVING.

Glitter Pumpkins
I like things that sparkle and Halloween is no different. It’s easiest to get a small to medium-sized pumpkin for this type of DIY pumpkin décor… but if you have the budget (and patience) you can opt for a large pumpkin as well. It’s pretty easy. Cover your pumpkin in white glue and then douse it with your choice color of glitter. Let dry and display!


Studded Pumpkins
Strut your studded stuff this Halloween with studded pumpkins. It’s simple enough too. Just buy a bunch of thumbtacks and stab them into your pumpkin’s skins. Think of it as therapy, it’ll help you relieve some built up anger as you jab away aimlessly. If you’re feeling fancy (or less violent) you can create a cool pattern like this skull… ’cause you’re a artistic like that.


Metallic Bedazzled Pumpkin
A little super glue and you have yourself a pretty blinged-out pumpkin! For the best results spray-paint your pumpkin a matte black or metallic color, let it dry, apply jewels and rhinestones. This one’s definitely a show-stopper.


Lace Pumpkins.
This may be one of our favorites. You’ll need to buy some cheap nylons or stockings… preferable fishnets. Next, you’d take your small pumpkin and drop them in the stocking, the toe-end placed on the bottom part of the pumpkin. Next, you’d use a twist tie or elastic to secure the nylon around the stem. Cut the nylon around the stem and, Voila! Vampy glam pumpkins! If you really want to make the rest of the pumpkins jealous, you can accessorize – we used a black rose, some leaves, and a few sparkle bracelets.


Once they’ve all dried, you can arrange them as a centerpiece on your coffee table. We went a little over board and also glittered, bedazzled, and painted these skulls… what?! We had extra supplies. Happy Halloween!

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By: Angelique Picanco


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