Sick Kitchens With Nadia G Get 10% off SICK gear

| Friday, 6 March 2015 12:00

I spy with my little eye…

All of the cool kitchen accessories on Sick Kitchens! By now you’ve seen the big reveal of Mojo and his family’s new kitchen and thought to yourself: WANT!

Lucky for you, nearly all those accessories are available right here at And because we’re crushing on our fans big time, we’re also gifting you 10% off all the cool gear you saw on Sick Kitchens when you use the promo code: SICK.


Knuckle Pounder
This novelty meat pounder (har har, we’ve heard that one before) is a hot item at It does sell out quickly, because, you know, it’s a conversation starter… and ender.

Skull Shot Glasses
Another fan favorite. These skull shot glasses helped bring Mojo’s kitchen from boring to… not boring — just like shots themselves can do to your otherwise lame and uninspired parties! Complete your collection with our newest skull beer mugs and make memories that you’re sure to forget.

Splash Fruit Bowl
With the eclectic new design Nadia gave his kitchen, Mojo needed the accessories to match. Originally a fine art piece by designer Niels Römer, our splash bowl definitely beats any regular, round bowl out there. Except for DIY haircuts, we suppose…

Bite Me Bottle Opener
Here at Nadia G. HQ, we like our chompers (and yes, shiny things). So sorry, frat boys, but this Bite Me Bottle Opener is a much better alternative to opening a beer bottle with your teeth. And hey, it also fits on a keychain or doubles as a cool knickknack on Mojo’s kitchen shelf!

Skull Spoon
This here is the sickest of all spoons, so it had to be part of Mojo’s kitchen. Subtle — until your guests use it. Based on Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls, it’s intended as a sugar spoon. But we love it so much, we use it for just about anything.

Along with our sticker hack, your fridge will be all dolled up with nowhere to go with these microvases. Fill them with flowers, spices or fresh herbs for instant awesomeness. Perfect for the modernist kitchen… or mad scientists.

Bitchin’ Aprons
Maybe NG was being nice… or maybe she was apologizing for that topless demolition that may or may not have scarred (or, um, titillated?) a few of the workers. In either case, Mojo and his family scored big with the complete collection of Nadia G aprons. Get yours at 10% off with this SICK promo code.

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