#PartnerShaming French Press Faux Pas

| Monday, 22 June 2015 22:43

In a new twist to the #PartnerShaming saga, I’m shaming… myself. I’m the boyfriend who rushes out the door without cleaning out the spent coffee grounds from the French press. The worst.


Now, I’m normally a very considerate boyfriend. I do our laundry, I make us breakfast, I do the dishes. But one thing I’m decidedly not is a morning person. So when I have to be somewhere in the morning, little chores like emptying the French press tend to fall through the cracks. It’s shameful, I know.

Some of you will say that it doesn’t matter whether I’m a morning person or not; either way, this is inconsiderate. To those of you who think that, I say this: You’re right. But try explaining that to me when I’m all puffy-eyed and groggy.

Sorry, significant other. Can I pay the fine in oral sex?

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