Top Five Food tattoos

| Friday, 9 January 2015 21:34

Being fans of both tattoos and good eats, we were thrilled to see the recent work of Nate “Igor” Smith, a photographer who’s been documenting some pretty spectacular food tattoos. (So far there’s no special term for this magical combination, unlike with cattoos).

We’ve picked out some of our favorites below. Igor’s compiled the full set of photos into a 36-page, full-color zine, which you can buy for $10 on Etsy. To see a few others, and to learn about the genesis of the project, you can read his partner’s explanation over at Vice.

Do you have a food tattoo? (Do you want to buy one?) Let’s see it!


5. This person clearly knows the Nadia G. audience — especially those creepers who think everything we post is an offering to their dicks.



4. Yes, we like the cupcake. Yes, the ‘sparagus is adorable. But the real selling point? Those finger tats. BAKE, indeed. You’re hired.



3. This might not deserve the No. 3 slot, but you gotta hand it to this guy for his commitment. Oh, and waiter? There’s hair all over our sushi.



2. No, believe it or not, these tattooed feet do not belong to Nadia G.



1. Yes, we know, this isn’t the most elegantly drawn tattoo. But is it not the best tramp stamp you’ve ever seen?



via Vice

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