#PartnerShaming Eyebombing Everything

| Monday, 15 June 2015 19:42

We’re switching it up with this week’s Partner Shaming. Instead of the aggrieved partner complaining, this time the offending partner is bragging. And while it might be annoying, it’s also hilarious.

After stumbling upon the Everywhereist‘s recipe for paleo carrot cake cookies “(a.k.a., pucks of suffering),” we poked around her blog and came across this: “I Torment My Husband By Eyebombing All His Stuff.”

What’s eyebombing, you ask?


In short: googly eyes + inanimate objects + speech bubbles (optional) = eyebombing. It is glorious:


Honestly, this is so friggin’ precious that if you’re not doing this for your partner, maybe you’re the one who should be shamed.

Photos and hilarity via Everywhereist, whom we can’t help but love…


Does your partner do annoying things? Submit your photos in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter with a brief description of what pisses you off (and the hashtag #PartnerShaming) and we’ll post it!

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