Culture Enjoy the Crisp, Self-Affirming Taste of Diet Racism

| Monday, 13 July 2015 17:43

Ever feel the need to remind people you’ve got black friends? Think ‘anti-racist’ is just code for ‘anti-white’? (Happen to be a member of that Facebook group?) DO YOU WANT YOUR COUNTRY BACK?!

If you answered “Hell motherforkin’ yeah!” to any of these, well, here’s a cold can of Diet Racism for ya.

BREAKING: A lot of people seem not to understand what’s so wrong (and yes, racist) about phrases like #alllivesmatter. It’s a sentiment that might seem virtuous (and there’s nothing wrong with believing that all lives matter — they do!) but it completely misses the point of activism. Here are a few things we’ve come across to help make things clear. If you’re already on board, maybe share these with Racist Uncle Bill:


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.03.30 AM

If you can survive without pictures, here’s a fabulous explanation about why #alllivesmatter is ridiculous.

Go forth. Change the world. Be good to each other and shit.

Diet Racism is a proud sponsor of Columbus Day, the Confederate Flag, and nativity scenes on government property everywhere. But not Fox News — because at Fox, anything diet is for sissies.

via CollegeHumor, BoingBoing, Twitter, and other places on the interwebz. It’s a movement, y’all.

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