DIY DIY Halloween: Costumes from Your Closet

| Thursday, 27 October 2011 14:00

thumbcostumeHalloween is awesome. It’s a fact that there is pretty much nothing in this world that is as fun as slipping on something crazy and riding the wave of candy-induced sugar mania and/or the adrenaline rush of getting the crap scared out of you (thanks, Jason and Freddy). But shelling out mucho dinero for some piece of polyester is for newrds! With a creative imagination and maybe some minimal add-ons, you can rock Halloween DIY style with just the stuff you have around the house.

Rockstar: This is the classic “I’m just gonna toss a few things together” costume, and it’s not hard to see why. There’s so much potential with it: toss on some fishnets and a ripped old concert tee = 80s rockstar! Flares and fringe vest = 60s Woodstock rocker! The possibilities are endless but the key is not to play it safe. Grab your most outrageous clothes, tease your hair and don’t skimp on the eyeliner. Rock it out!

: There’s a reason why this costume is still one of the most popular around Halloween. All you need is a couple rolls of gauze and you’re good to go! If you wanna be fancy, grab a can of glitter spray paint and put some sparkle on your bandages before you slap them on. ( Just be sure to let the paint dry first :P)


Greek God: TOGA! TOGA! Togas: they’re not just for frat parties. It’s no surprise that togas remain one of the easiest last minute costumes to thrown on; grab a sheet of fabric, a few safetypins and you’re good to go. If you wanna take it to the next level, go to your local dollar/garden store and pick up a wreath, shlap it on your head and voila – you’re a god/goddess.

Freudian Slip: We got this idea from a super-smart friend of ours. Take a slip dress,  pin a picture of Freud to it and write words like: Ego, Id, Superego, or Psychology on it. When people ask you what you are, say: “A Freudian slip”. Okay, yeah, this is a pretty serious NEWRD costume.

Beauty Pageant/ Prom Queen: Remember that awful bridesmaid dress you had to wear to your old college friend’s wedding? Thought you’d never wear it again did you? Wrong.


Party in My Pants: Grab some streamers, bows, balloons, noisemakers, really go all out and put them all along the waistband of your pants. Easiest. Costume. Ever.

Famous Person: Big Dark Glasses, Nice looking jeans/t-shirt, large starbucks mug, stuffed dog in a purse. Whenever someone asks who you are say: “Don’t you know who I am?” Then act all upset. Spend the night making comments about how you have somewhere waayyy cooler to be.

dsquared_starbucks_aw2009_01Cereal Killer: Again this is another cheesy costume that really works if you just play it for humor. Dress all in black, carry a knife covered in fake blood and bits of your favorite cereal. Smear your clothing with some as well. Boom! Cereal Killer! Warning: this costume can get a little sticky…

We’d love to see your costumes,  whether they are DIY or store bought so make sure to send us pics via Twitter or Facebook!

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