DIY DIY (Do Ikea Yourself)

| Tuesday, 3 March 2009 15:49


Here at Bitchin’ Lifestyle, we believe that decorating your own home is all about making your space reflect who you are. Your space should be shaped to fit your lifestyle, not that of the previous or future tennants — neutral beige and run-of-the-mill ceramic tiles begone!

Rock this House is all about encouraging you to indulge your passions, your flights of fancy, and your inner decorator. We think it’s important to style your home to suit the way you live, and to make sure it looks hot.

It’s not always easy, however. Sure, big box stores such as Ikea are affordable and accessible, but after a while their cookie cutter designs grow tiresome. How creative and original can you be with generic furniture that’s in everyone else’s apartment too?

Let us introduce you to Ikea Hacker, a blog that showcases the ways in which people deconstruct Ikea’s products and rebuild them into new and original designs. Coffee tables are turned into desks, broken lamps are transformed into chandeliers, and butcher’s blocks are morphed into bathroom sink pedestals. This blog is about functionality and creativity, and—most importantly—stepping outside of the box.

We’re all for risk-taking and decorating adventures, but before you hack away at your kitchen table with reckless abandon (or a chainsaw), make sure you have a plan, not to mention a power drill!

– Dallas Curow


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