DIY DIY – Christmas Light Tree

| Monday, 22 December 2014 10:00

Christmas trees help get us in to the spirit of the season! But if you’re like me, their fresh scent and the feeling of tradition is simply outweighed by their mess, inevitably tedious disposal and the occasional stow away rabid animal. With the added benefit of doing your part to save the tree population, make yourself this Christmas Light Tree!


Step one: Find a vacant wall

This DIY is particularly great for apartment and condo dwellers who don’t have a lot of space! Just take down one outdated poster for now (or Twilight, forever) and make sure your surface is clean.

Step two: Gather supplies

You’ll be spending enough this season, so we’re keeping things simple with a single strand of lights (mine was 25 feet), some self adhesive clips and a measuring tape. If you want to go all out like we did, some wrapping paper, scotch tape, scissors and an empty box can act as your tree base.

Step three: Measure 

For my wall space, it was a matter of finding a centre point for the trees tip. If you’re using a bigger wall, you can start wherever you’d like, being sure to decide on the height of your tree, and the number of points you’d like to give it. It’s not an exact science, your tree is one of a kind! It might be the kind of tree only a mother could love.

Step four: Stick

The clips I bought were as easy as removing the backing, sticking the clip and sliding cord in place. Double sided tape would be an easy replacement if you already have clips that don’t stick. I suggest putting two at each point for stability. Be careful not to stick too many of your hairs to the wall, I learned that the hard way (ew).

Step five: Re-stick

It’s inevitable, something will look wonky to you or half the tree fall down. It’s okay, just try again. You’ll get the hang of it. Accept the fact that this will look better lit up in the dark, then as wall art. Or, take the time to really measure, draw and follow a guideline. Then, reconsider why you have so much free time on your hands.

Step six: Optional Ornaments

I think a tree isn’t a christmas tree without ornaments, so I chose to hang some small, lightweight glass ornaments from my lights. This is your chance to give it your own touch! Wrapping lights around your lights would be particularly impressive, but popcorn strands are cool too. I’d have used candy canes, but we all know that’d be like having my candy cupboard on display – dangerous for my teeth and hips.

Step seven: Optional Present Stand

To hide an extension cord, I decided to use an empty box, wrapped as a gift. I stuffed the cords inside, and stacked my gifts on top. There’s space to hide little gifts underneath too, for those of you with vengeful, sneaky cats.

Step eight: Admiration

Grab a glass of eggnog, sample from Santa’s plate of cookies, or pass out from exhaustion under the glow of your hard work.

I’ve never been sure when the appropriate time to take down Christmas decorations is. Is it before New Years, or after? I think I might just reshape this in to a lightsaber and keep it up for the rest of time. Happy holidays!!!

By: Eva Severed

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