Culture Dinner and a Movie: Bridesmaids and Champagne Cupcakes

| Friday, 11 November 2011 12:00

BMthumbSure, clubs and bars are an awesome way to rock out your weekend but every once in a while you’ve gotta ditch the sexy threads for some sweatpants. Not the cute ones either, the comfy ones with the hole in the knee. That’s right, we’re celebrating those Friday nights where you just want to curl up with some good food and a good film!

Bridesmaids, a new comedy on DVD is a movie we think BK fans will really dig! It’s got a rockin cast of super-hilarious ladies and a plot many of us can relate to! Ange enlightened us earlier this summer on the major drawbacks of being a bridesmaid and this movie takes that idea to a ridiculous new comedy level!
We’ve got bachelorette parties going really awry, flight-panic induced drunkenness and a wedding dress shop scene that’ll have you thinking twice about your favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant!

Kristin Wiig (from SNL) stars as a failed cupcake baker and all-around funny gal with a crappy job and an awful ‘boyfriend’ played by the super dreamy Don Draper himself: Jon Hamm. Let’s get a visual on that:


Swoon, that man is good lookin’! So wait, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, Bridesmaids! It’s funny and no, not “funny for a rom-com”. It’s ‘you’re-going-to-do-that-newrd-laugh-that-you-promised-you’d-never-do-in-public-again’ funny. Seriously, you’ll probably snort.

With every movie, you need some munchables… and what better way to enjoy this hilarious flick than by stuffing your face with some Champagne Cupcakes. There is no other way.

These cupcakes combine delicious vanilla buttercream with a light as air cupcake and subtle champagne flavor. They’re frothy, they’re creamy and we’re gonna bet you won’t be able to eat just one!

By the way there is a bit of alcohol in the champagne icing, so try not to spend the night getting icing-drunk alone in your sweatpants, ok? Share with a friend.



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