#PartnerShaming Clean Laundry Origami

| Monday, 23 February 2015 19:37

This week’s #partnershaming comes courtesy of a fan who snapped a photo of her boyfriend’s laundry pile — his clean laundry pile.


Look, we’ve been there. You pull your clothes out of the dryer, but it’s late and you’re sleepy. You go to sleep and tell yourself you’ll fold the laundry tomorrow. Or the next day. But before you know it, you’re piling dirty clothes on top of clean ones. Pretty soon you’re starting your mornings by sniffing the armpits of shirts just to find a fresh one.

But this, sir? This is “folding” your laundry the way that crumpling up a sticky note is “origami.” No need to get philosophical. Just fold your damn clothes.

Like we said, we’ve been there. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay. When you live with someone, it means you have to stop doing certain things in the bedroom in order to do more of certain other things in the bedroom. Ya dig?

Does your partner do annoying things? Submit your photos with a brief description of what pisses you off and we’ll post it! Send snaps to angelique@bitchinlifestyle.tv

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