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| Tuesday, 10 March 2009 18:42

CORBETT sculpture

When James Corbett discovered his love for cars, art & design could be combined into one master hobby, recycling old car parts would have a different meaning  from that point on. Realizing that car pieces both old and new could be sculpted into wicked eclectic pieces of art catapulted Corbett’s creativity to in to high gear.

Initially running a car recycling business, James Corbett’s first piece was that of road race buggy and went on to include birds, animals, cars, and bikes. The beauty of these unique creations is that none of the pieces are bent or moulded, keeping the originality of the parts intact.

If you dig one of his pieces, some of his designs are currently for sale. Most women are probably thinking that they don’t need another piece of junk collecting dust in their living rooms (they already have their guys for that) but I assure you that these pieces of junk are worth it. One thing is solid— you’re sure to be among the selected few rockin’ something like this in your living room.


– Angelique Picanco

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