Rock This Look Cheap & Chic

| Thursday, 8 November 2012 11:30

This week, Nadia kicks back in an ultra casual look that throws a few curveballs… curveballs called Louboutin and Eddie Borgo 😀


Casual Chic
The key to any casual look is of course a killer pair of jeans but you also need a shpak T to tie the look together. Nadia is sporting some Super Slim Skinny’ Diesel Jeans and a classic James Perse design – known for its casual meets luxe styles. The outfit is super versatile too, pair up with a blazer, sky-high heels, and rock out with some killer accessories like this Eddie Borgo bullet cuff (more on that below).

Statement Accessories
When you’ve got a casual look, you can really play around with accessories. This Eddie Borgo bullet cuff is as much of a conversation starter as it is cool. Caman, bullets! Feel free to jazz up outfits like this by adding some eclectic pieces. Why not show off that turn of the century beaded necklace you got at a flea market or vintage shop or that really cool brooch your grandma gave you? You get the point. On a basic background, these finds finally have a chance to shine.

Flirty Wedges
Heels equal instant glam and this summer is all about the wedge! Not only do you get that sexy height but you also get to keep the feeling in your toes! Now that’s important. Nadia loves her ‘Une Plume’ Christian Louboutin Wedges, they’re bright and fun, giving this casual look some spunk. Don’t be afraid of the height, wedges give you support that stilettos can’t. You can find similar styles here.

Casual Up-do
No-fuss hair is so important when sporting a casual outfit. G’s hair is a high ponytail/ messy bun hyrbrid called a topknot. Good news? It’s relatively easy to achieve without a stylist! To get this look, all you got to do is brush out your hair to get rid of any knots (if you want a messy look, loosely tie up your hair without brushing). Once it’s in a high ponytail, loosely wrap the ponytail hair around with a hair tie and secure pieces with bobby pins. If you want more mess, pull away some random pieces around your head and on top for a more disheveled look.

No-fuss Makeup
By this point you all should be experts on how to pull off a smokey eye. For the lid, NG’s makeup gal, used ‘Contrast’ MAC Eyeshadow – perfect for that sultry look. Highlight with Nylon’ MAC Eyeshadow and you’re good to go. Almost. Dust on a little blush (Dolly Mix’ MAC Blush) and slap on a lip shade with some kick – Morange’ MAC Lipstick. If you’re not into oranges you can always opt for a spunky pink or coral shade… they’re great for brightening up the face and a hot must for this season.

Pale Nails
As a kid, who didn’t try using white-out as nail polish?! Lucky for us, someone had the bright idea to make a nail color out of it, behold:  ‘Alpine Snow’ by O.P.I. Nail Polish. Super hip for spring, this white shade offers up a subtle yet vibrant change from the popular black trend. White not your thing? Go for pale blues, pinks, and even nudes – check out the trend here!


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