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Contests  Enter the Sick Kitchens Giveaway Now!

Sick Kitchens is BACK and to celebrate we’re teaming up with Ulive, Cooking Channel, and Elmira to bring you an epic giveaway! Enter twice per day – once at and again at - for a chance to win a brand new designer ...



Valentine’s Day has come to pass, but not before we raised a glass, To all the singletons, scrooges and newrds, Whose Anti-Valentine’s poems did not go unheard. And now we have a winner for you… BRENDA SILVA – wahooo!!! We ...


Contests  Anti-Valentine’s Day Poem Contest

Is it just us, or did Santa Claus turn into Cupid faster than usual this year? Maybe it’s Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Getting Back Together” playing on repeat everywhere, or maybe it’s just that we’re bitter people, but something’s ...


Contests  Nadia G’s Holiday Heels Contest!

We have a snazzy parting gift during the Holiday hiatus and we hope you’re sitting down because IT’S MAJOR!  Nadia G is going to play style fairy-godmother and give you what you’ve always wanted: SHOES! We know what you thinking — ...


Contests  Vote for YOUR Favorite!

It’s time to vote on your favorite Anti-Valentine’s Day Poem! We’ve narrowed it down to the FIVE that made us LOL the most (some of them even made us cry :S) Now it’s up to you! Just post your fave ...


Contests  Annual Anti-Valentine’s Day Poem Contest!

Some people think that love is best celebrated with chocolates, flowers and massage oils… Not us. We show our love like true Italians: by shattering self-confidence and laughing at the expense of others.


Contests  Bitchin' Super Bowl Shkoff-fest

It isn’t a coincidence that Bitchin’ Kitchen’s GLUTTONY episode is on the same weekend as the Super Bowl! IT’S FATE. Greasy, decadent, absolutely delicious fate! When else are you supposed to shkoff like a 400-pound linebacker and get rewarded for ...