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News  Nadia G to Community Manager: “I’m trusting you less”

Nadia G has had enough of Ange’s Instagram pictures of Straw-Ber-Ritas, Cran-Ber-Ritas, and now Mango-ritas. She’s decided to confront her friend and community manager on what she believes to be a horrible and disgusting drinking habit. Nadia G: Ange, let’s ...


Events  MEET NADIA G in LA!

When you buy a ticket to “EnterSHAMEment Tonight w/ Nadia G!” you’re not only in for a hilarious night of cringe-worthy laughs, but you will also earn a chance to WIN A FREE DRINK FROM NADIA G! Hell, you can ...


News  Nadia G wants YOU!

SHOUTOUT TO ALL COMEDIANS/ ACTORS/ MUSICIANS: Nadia G is producing a new comedy night in LA and needs YOU! “EnterSHAMEnt Tonight w Nadia G — Join Nadia G for a hilarious night of sharing your most embarrassing “artistic” creations. Student ...


News  Nadia G @ Social Media Week Los Angeles

G was in full force at SMWLA but it’s this outfit that got us talking! Fun Fact: This punk tee was originally worn by Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols! Thanks to for  the pics!


Events  Nadia G in Toronto @ The CNE!

As if carnival rides, games, and the inevitable deep-fried-goodness you’ll ingest weren’t enough, Nadia G is coming to The Canadian National Exhibition’s Food Network Celebrity Stage! On Sunday, August 25th, save some of your appetite, and catch The G Star ...

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News  BK on Sundays @ 11pm ET on Cooking Channel

Hello little squibblets! Have you been missing BK? Well, your favorite episodes are coming back to Cooking Channel, every Sunday at 11pm ET! And to sweeten the deal, we’ve got a contest and prizes for the premiere of our new ...


Events  Tales From The Toronto Underground Market

Spring means lots of things to Canadians. We put away our snow shovels, switch to lighter jackets and of course, fire up the BBQ. Best of all, we welcome all sorts of outdoor fairs that just seem to pop up ...