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WTFRU Wearing  Concrete Cowboy

I’m not sure what I dislike most about rodeos, but in the past, it would have definitly been a tight battle between the cruelty of hog-tying adorable animals, and those terrifying clowns that hide out in hollow barrels. But as of ...


WTFRU Wearing  WTFRU Wearing?! 13

Welcome to this month’s edition of WTFRU Wearing?! – A feature showcasing the atrocious fashion decisions we see in everyday life. This week we venture into the wacky world of weirdness.


WTFRU Wearing  Pizza Onesie

When we saw these photos of Katy Perry out in public in a pizza onesie, our first reaction was jealousy. And although we may never reach the sort of fame that excuses pyjamas for clothing, we have to admit that ...


WTFRU Wearing  WTFRU Wearing – Pimpin’

There has been pink. There has been orange. Now, I’m seeing red. No… I’m not talking about being angry. I’m being literal because I feel it’s the only way to address the fashion crime this mack daddy is exhibiting. Wait, ...


Kulture WTFRU Wearing  WTFRU Wearing?! Think No More Pink

Colors are wonderful in a wardrobe. Sometimes, they can help convey a feeling or mood, like slipping on a yellow dress when you’re happy, or showing the world you’re not in the mood by donning all black. In this case, ...


WTFRU Wearing  Booty Rockin’ Everywhere

Bubba Sparxxx promotes booty, booty, booty, booty rockin’ everywhere. But we’re sure that out in public, in the day time, even his taste for the female figure would have been thrown off by this individual. Let’s take a few minutes ...


WTFRU Wearing  Orange You Glad You Aren’t Wearing This

When I think about the color orange, pylons, the difficulties of rhyming, and bad self tanner come to mind. As if those things weren’t enough to put me off of this color forever, I might never appreciate another color again ...


WTFRU Wearing  WTFRU WEARING?! Raiding Mom’s Closet

Hey, folks. It’s been a while and sadly, it’s not because society is dressing better. In fact, I was able to capture the latest  “just say no to high waisted shorts, jeans, pants, and skirts” poster child on the subway ...