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Rock This Look  Rock This Look: Christmas Edition!

This Christmas, Nadia G is breaking all the fashion rules! She ditches that itchy holiday sweater with snowmen that ski for something a little more form-fitting! From a shiny red catsuit to a festive dress with a bejeweled bunny, the ...


Rock This Look  Halloween Special

It was a dark and stormy night and you could swear you heard sounds coming from your kitchen. Was it the ghost of dinners past, a zombie gnawing on your leftovers or gasp! – a horrible DIY costume from last ...


Rock This Look  Austin

In the premiere episode, Austin stays weird, especially with Nadia G in town. She rocks some eccentric color, having fun with lime greens, hot pinks, and a sleek n’ messy up do because it’s Austin, baby! Also because it’s pretty ...


Rock This Look  Fan-tastic Foods

Heavy blacks, lacy texture and pops of purple make for the perfect combo of 80’s pop & macabre chic… is that even a “thing”? You bet… and it’s HAWT.


Rock This Look  Nonna’s Recipe Chowdown

This week on Bitchin’ Kitchen, Nadia G reinvents “Granny Chic” with a twist on nasty prints, switching up the bingo night caftan for something a little more form-fitting… Get the Look:


Rock This Look  Rock This Look: Gluttony G-Style

The theme of this week is indulgence, so while she’s shkoffing some of the most decadent food known to man (and woman), Nadia treats herself to some seriously luxurious fashions. It’s like a buffet of delicious designer digs!


Rock This Look  Happiness

It’s hard to feel “happy” when you’re looking frumpy and/or chunky. In this week’s Rock This Look, we’ll show you how you can brighten your day (and night) with fun prints, bold colors and a dress so cute, it’ll even ...


Rock This Look  Parenthood

Some seriously bad fashions are associated with being a parent; think mom jeans, baby bjorns and wearing whatever you just fed your kids. We might not be parents, but it doesn’t take much more than a night of babysitting to ...


Rock This Look  Mad Men(u)

In the 50s, you had the choice between looking sharp and looking square. Women rocked swing dresses or pencil skirts, and acted totally proper (never opting for Uggs over heels). And while we won’t be switching up our leopard print ...


Rock This Look  Lazy Days

There are several degrees of feeling lazy. At the lowest, there’s not wanting to take out the trash. At it’s highest, there’s being unmotivated to nuke a microwave dinner. It’s okay to spend a day on your couch every now ...