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Rock This Look  Phoenix

Looking good is an art, literally. In this week’s look, Nadia G borrows inspiration from the 1880s and sports a dress so whimsical, she almost transports you back in time to that era… minus the cholera.


Rock This Look  Nashville

Drawing inspiration from classic prints and soft colors, Nadia G looks pretty as a southern belle in this week’s Nashville episode.


Rock This Look  Louisville

Louisville has some great taste, but it’s Nadia G’s dress that has people talking. Much like last week’s look, this ensemble is an amalgamation of two art forms – and the result is legendary.


Rock This Look  DETROIT

If you remember our post on weird sh*t in Nadia G’s apartment, you surely remember how terrifying her obsession with old dolls (and their parts) was. Well, in true Nadia G style, she’s managed to fuse her love for morbid ...


Rock This Look  Atlantic City

G’s taking a tiered Boho skirt and introducing it to some indie rock music. The combination is both trendy and classic for a look completely untraditional. Don’t forget to tell everyone you knew about this style before it was cool. ...


Rock This Look  Harlem + The Bronx

G’s tough gal look is conveniently paired up with our Harlem + Bronx episode because nobody messes with the G-Star in those tights. Looking trendy doesn’t have to cost a bundle either. We’ll show you how to look like this ...


Rock This Look  Hamptons

Pack your bag with sandals, printed maxi skirts, and a can of Red Bull because we’re going to the Hamptons for the weekend. Well, in our minds we are. Nadia G’s Hamptons style is up for grabs in this week’s ...


Rock This Look  Vermont

Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the United States, so it’s no surprise G and the gang felt right at home in the last Bite This episode. But when they weren’t chowing down, Nadia was Canada’s true ...


Rock This Look  Los Angeles

In this episode of Bite This, Nadia G is California dreamin’ with a look that simultaneously pay’s homage to old Hollywood and Los Angeles’ laid-back vibe with a glamorous black and white color palette, soft makeup, and loose beachy waves. ...