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Rock This Look  One Shirt, Three Ways

Everyday I’m faced with the same problem: wft am I going to wear? Let me begin by saying that I am in no way a bonafide fashionista. In fact, I rely heavily on Pinterest boards to guide my tastes in ...


Rock This Look  Plaid Perfect

Never have I enjoyed a trend more than I have enjoyed tartan and plaid. Not just for Christmas, plaid is a grownup response to the floral print, replacing the summer trend with versatile plaid styles  anywhere from classic to grunge. ...


Rock This Look  Reno

While this week’s look definitely plays up the rocker chick with the subtle studs, black bra and badass heels, we’re pulling back on the heavy makeup and going vintage & plush. Sheer Pink Top + Contrasting black bra Thrift shopping ...


Rock This Look  Palm Springs

Nadia G’s in Hollywood’s playground and she’s all dressed up in the show-stopping number that draws inspiration from both a vintage fiesta dress and an old school ballerina getup.


Rock This Look  Palm Springs + Sprinkles

In a stealth tip that can also double up as a spoiler alert, NG wears a colorful getup that preludes her visit to Palm Spring’s Over the Rainbow Cupcakes. In case you’re wondering, G’s teaches us that sometimes, it’s totally ...


Rock This Look  Harlem + The Bronx

G’s tough gal look is conveniently paired up with our Harlem + Bronx episode because nobody messes with the G-Star in those tights. Looking trendy doesn’t have to cost a bundle either. We’ll show you how to look like this ...


Rock This Look  Depression Desserts

In Depression Desserts Nadia turns good-girl gone bad with a black ensemble that’s anything but basic and some neon-bright accents that give the look some punky polish!


Rock This Look  Nashville

Drawing inspiration from classic prints and soft colors, Nadia G looks pretty as a southern belle in this week’s Nashville episode.


Rock This Look  Louisville

Louisville has some great taste, but it’s Nadia G’s dress that has people talking. Much like last week’s look, this ensemble is an amalgamation of two art forms – and the result is legendary.