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Rock This Look  Phoenix

Looking good is an art, literally. In this week’s look, Nadia G borrows inspiration from the 1880s and sports a dress so whimsical, she almost transports you back in time to that era… minus the cholera.


Kulture  Mmm, Franken-orgasms

Would you have electrodes surgically implanted into your spine if it meant “emphatic” orgasms at the push of a button? We know this is a controversial topic. For some of you, that’s because you feel strongly about embedding electronic gizmos in ...


Kulture  Puppies photographed underwater

Here’s a series of photos that we borrowed from another site, which borrowed them from another site, and so on. We feel a little bad about that, but the truth of the matter is that we’d rather have your company while ...

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 10.46.50 AM

Kulture  Surge is coming back!

Surge is coming back. We repeat: Surge is coming back! We always thought it was a little nasty, but SURGE IS COMING BACK! Thanks to pressure from Facebook fans who somehow made it through the first wave of Surge without suffering ...

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Kulture  Balloons to blow your mind

Prepare to have your mind blown as musician and YouTube celebrity Andrew Huang recreates the song “99 Red Balloons” — using nothing but red balloons. What’s next? “Purple People Eater” performed by a purple people eater? “Popcorn” played with popcorn? Wait, ...


Rock This Look  Nashville

Drawing inspiration from classic prints and soft colors, Nadia G looks pretty as a southern belle in this week’s Nashville episode.


Kulture  Black is the new black

    Proving once again that humans are irrationally superficial, Burger King’s latest gimmick — besides planning a move to Canada to dodge U.S. taxes and ruin Tim Hortons — is to turn its burgers black. Because why improve a ...

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Kulture  Tiny burritos for tiny hamsters

Watch as a chef carefully prepares a miniature burrito for his furry friend, then awaits the results. If you liked this, there are heaps and heaps of cuteness on HelloDenizen’s YouTube page, including “Angry Dogs in Cute Costumes” and “Tiny ...