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Kulture  Do you have a cattoo?

In this 6-minute documentary, Emily Sheskin, a filmmaker in Brooklyn (where else?), profiles tattoo artist and cat lover Betty Rose, whose recent work has taken a turn for the feline. For Rose, it’s all about the cattoo — the cat tattoo, ...


Kulture  The Best Worst Halloween Costumes

I’ll be the first one to suggest making our own Halloween costumes. It’s fun. But sometimes you gotta count your losses and just admit that you ain’t the best at arts & crafts. Take for example these poor souls. Imagine ...


Rock This Look  Reno

While this week’s look definitely plays up the rocker chick with the subtle studs, black bra and badass heels, we’re pulling back on the heavy makeup and going vintage & plush. Sheer Pink Top + Contrasting black bra Thrift shopping ...


Kulture  Tube signs say what needs to be said

We can’t be the only ones who’ve dreamed of becoming street artists — at least before realizing that we lack the creativity and nerves required to do it. Not so for whoever made up these signs and slapped them up ...

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Kulture  Stubbornness, thy name is cat

No, it’s not related to food, but sometimes hilarious cats melt even our tough exterior. And this feline, apparently practicing some sort of nonviolent resistance to the leash, does exactly that. via Happy Place

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Kulture  Ten terrible inventions

It’s a golden age for creativity. You can edit video from your iPhone or mix a dance track on your tablet. But there is a line, people. And when you cross that line, be ready for all the internet’s haters ...


Kulture  The worst playgrounds, ever.

I remember the park near my house and it’s really a miracle I’m alive today. See, playgrounds in my day weren’t made of plastic. Jungle gyms and slides were not 3 feet off the ground and we’d ride the merry-go-round until someone ...


Rock This Look  Palm Springs

Nadia G’s in Hollywood’s playground and she’s all dressed up in the show-stopping number that draws inspiration from both a vintage fiesta dress and an old school ballerina getup.

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Kulture  When being a goddess isn’t enough

Venus is the Roman goddess of love, fertility, beauty, and sex. If you lived in ancient Rome, she was literally a sex symbol without rival. In “Supervenus,” a recent entry into the Brussels Short Film Festival, filmmaker Frederic Doazan and sound designer ...


Rock This Look  Palm Springs + Sprinkles

In a stealth tip that can also double up as a spoiler alert, NG wears a colorful getup that preludes her visit to Palm Spring’s Over the Rainbow Cupcakes. In case you’re wondering, G’s teaches us that sometimes, it’s totally ...