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Food  The Real Celebrity at Coachella

Gone are the days of mediocre carnival food fair. Today’s Festival organizers have realized that food, like music, brings people together. And when the food’s this good, it keeps people coming back for more. Coachella’s musical lineup already sets you ...


Food  25 Lusk: Getting Dressed Up for Some Fancy Food

In life, there are those restaurants that you only dream of going to. The kind of restaurants that magazines talk about and require you to get all dressed up once you score a reservation. A few guilt trips and casual ...


Food  Homeroom makes a mean mac & cheese

As my quest to try every great restaurant in the Bay Area continues, I decided to throw caution to the wind and head to Oakland. What better way to get to know the Oakland food scene than by stopping by ...


Food  New Favorites discovered at the Fancy Food Show

The Winter Fancy Food Show was in full swing earlier this week in beautiful San Francisco, and as many of you know, I attend all of the most fabulous food events. Why? Because food should be celebrated. Food should be ...


Food  Crab Mania: Fisherman’s Wharf Crab Festival

I know what you’re thinking: GIMME ALL OF THE CRAB! Don’t feel bad, over zealous attendees pushed and clawed their way around each other just to stuff their faces with the very crustaceans you wish you were consuming right now. ...


Food  What to order at Laurel Hardware

It really does look like a hardware store because it actually used to be one. Donning the same sign, you won’t find hammers, nails or plaster for sale anymore but rather, another form of home improvement. The kind the cook ...


Food  The Best Shrimp Burger is in LA

Umami Burger, a restaurant I had no clue existed until I came to California, didn’t swoon me with its beef-tastic burgers and soft pastry-like buns. No, they won me over with a shrimp burger. Go figure.


Food  Not Your Grandma’s Pickles

There’s something about canning and pickling that’s always turned me off. Maybe it was seeing the murky jars all lined up on a shelf in my grandmother’s dingy cold room that had me squeamishly wondering what she was really pickling ...


Food  Local Sweet Spot: Sweet Woodruff

I’m expecting some serious praise from this tip. Sweet Woodruff is special to me and I’d much rather keep it a secret. When I’m in town, it’s a Sunday ritual that makes the weekend (and adventure time) complete. But you ...