Credenza Conundrum

Leaving clothes all over the floor is barbaric. And while the teenager inside of us often screams to just let our laundry lay where it lands, we’re better than that. We’re adults, and we have dressers. We ... Read More

Closet Hog

I love my girlfriend, but she has too much stuff. She’s slowly, but meticulously taken over the entire closet, banishing me to the back left- hand corner with a handful of hangers for my shirts. But her shoes? They ... Read More

The sink is not a dustbin

  Look, gents, we understand that hair grows on your face. But shaving in the sink and then not taking care of your whiskers is like shitting in the toilet and then letting your poo just sit there. Don't do ... Read More

Coffee Creamer Conniption

We're coffee fanatics. Every morning, we shuffle to the kitchen to make a fresh pot and feed our addiction. It's the only way we can start our day. But for one NG crew member, the coffee routine includes a daily ... Read More

TP replacement fail

You nearly had it. So close, but so far. After successfully moving the fresh roll of toilet paper the six feet it took to get it from our under-sink stash to the dispenser, you thought your job was done. Au contraire. Seriously, ... Read More

– The Nest of Pants

There's Dog Shaming, Kid Shaming, and now we bring you: Partner Shaming... because the weird crap they do drives us utterly batsh!t crazy. "My boyfriend insists on leaving a pile of pants he's periodically worn near the couch for no apparent reason. ... Read More