Water Water Everywhere

Look, it's lovely when your girlfriend drinks plenty of water. It keeps her skin soft, her muscles energized, and her, um, bowels functioning properly — at least according to this WebMD search we just did. But there's ... Read More

Packaging Prude

Is there anything more deserving of the “first world problem” title as hard to open packaging? It’s so frustrating when we have to reach for a pair of scissors to get in to our bags of ... Read More

Stinkin’ Sink

With so many living without the privilege that is in-sink garburators, the invention of those little kitchen sink catchers have saved many from plumbers-crack rescue calls, and even more cherry tomatoes from meeting an untimely ... Read More

Toothpaste Terror

Technically we're not trying to shame a partner with this one, but given that we've lived with significant others in the past who left toothpaste bombs in the sink, we're gonna go with it. A guest came to stay with ... Read More

The Sink is Not a Dishwasher

Today's tale of domestic woe comes from a fan whose man keeps leaving dirty dishes in the sink. While the sink is indeed a fantastic human invention for doing dishes, it unfortunately requires a human to operate it — ... Read More

Nonstick nonsense

We've all been around the block long enough to know that you shouldn't use metal utensils on nonstick pans — right? Apparently not, if this #partnershaming is any indication. Our fan writes that her stepdad, boyfriend, and siblings (of both ... Read More

Stressing Over Stale Cereal

We're not morning people, which makes us particularly susceptible to breakfast irritation. So sure, especially before our first two pots of coffee, we might be irrationally annoyed by crappy kitchen etiquette. But seriously, is it THAT hard to close the ... Read More

Crabbiness Over Crumbs

Like quite a few women we know, this girlfriend is absolutely in love with her bed. She has sheets of a higher thread count than your typical four-star hotel, pillows made of NASA-invented foam, and a mattress that could please the ... Read More

Clean Laundry Origami

This week's #partnershaming comes courtesy of a fan who snapped a photo of her boyfriend's laundry pile — his clean laundry pile. Look, we've been there. You pull your clothes out of the dryer, but it's late and you're sleepy. ... Read More

March of the Water Bottles

This week's #partnershaming was submitted by a fan whose lady friend spends a lot of time at the gym. Trouble is, when she comes home, her water bottles find a home on the floor — lined up along the wall ... Read More