Why is All the Wine Gone?

It's that moment you get home from a long day with only one thing on your mind. Your girlfriend, sure, but that other thing — that one last bottle of Pinot Noir. It's your favorite brand at the $8-$10 price point, ... Read More

Skivvies on the Bathroom Floor

Nothing like starting the day by stumbling groggily into the bathroom and tripping over a pile of your partner's clothes that he or she stripped off before stepping into the shower. It's like when snakes shed their skin, only ... Read More

French Press Faux Pas

In a new twist to the #PartnerShaming saga, I'm shaming... myself. I'm the boyfriend who rushes out the door without cleaning out the spent coffee grounds from the French press. The worst. Now, I'm normally a very considerate boyfriend. I ... Read More

Eyebombing Everything

We're switching it up with this week's Partner Shaming. Instead of the aggrieved partner complaining, this time the offending partner is bragging. And while it might be annoying, it's also hilarious. After stumbling upon the Everywhereist's recipe for paleo ... Read More

Emergency Brake Escapades

Ah, the car. If there's one thing outside the home and the pocketbook that sets a relationship on edge, it's the car. One of our fans writes in: "I'm not one to stereotype female drivers, but there is one thing ... Read More

iPadding in Bed

When you live alone, you're free to do whatever you want after bed — toss, turn, masturbate furiously to furry porn, or turn on the light and read a book. That all changes when you've got a partner next ... Read More

iPhone Impotence

If there's one thing more annoying than your partner's smartphone addiction, it's when their iPhone goes dead in the water. "Come back, boyfriend! I need to send you an endless stream of pictures of my cats!!" writes one fan, who says ... Read More

Breakfast in Bed Gone Bad

Good morning, sweetheart. Coffee's on, and there's bread in the toaster. But that toast is going to be awfully dry unless you want me to use jelly that expired last year. How strong's your stomach? A lot of our #PartnerShaming is ... Read More

The Leaning Tower of Garbage

Look, honey, we live in the world's smallest apartment and our bin is literally like 25 feet out the door. Is it really that hard to take the effing trash out? Why is it that people do this? It's smells awful, ... Read More