Design & Decor Bringing the Outdoors In

| Friday, 27 February 2009 22:55


Be one with the outdoors…or bring the outdoors to your place. Ether way, this rug is pretty awesome.  La Chanh Nguyen, creator of the Moss Carpet, allows us to slip into a picturesque setting through this nature-inspired bathroom rug.

The carpet itself cultivates moss through cells of non-decaying foam and breeds three types; Ball moss, Island moss, and finally, forest moss.

The Moss Carpet is truly low maintenance; no washing, no vacuuming, and definitely no hitting it against the outside balcony rails. You don’t even have to worry about killing it unless you don’t bathe very often. The humidity and the moisture it gets from your shower is enough to permit the moss carpet to flourish in all its mossy greatness.

If you’re craving nature and like showering…you’ll have a ball each time you step out and spread your toes against this eco-friendly bad-boy.


– Angelique Picanco

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