#PartnerShaming Breakfast in Bed Gone Bad

| Monday, 18 May 2015 14:36

Good morning, sweetheart. Coffee’s on, and there’s bread in the toaster. But that toast is going to be awfully dry unless you want me to use jelly that expired last year. How strong’s your stomach?


A lot of our #PartnerShaming is about couples who live together. But even during the honeymoon phase, when the sex is great and you’re still doing the walk of shame back to your place in the morning, there’s plenty of opportunity for shaming.

Recently, a fan was hoping to surprise his new girlfriend with breakfast in bed — only to discover that most of the food was expired. The cupboards were pretty much bare, and the few things in the fridge had gone bad. The eggs were weeks old, the milk had gone sour, and this jelly had expired back in 2014. Sure, we’re impressed you shop at Whole Foods and everything, but “100% natural” doesn’t mean much if it’s gonna give you the shits.


Thank god there was coffee, otherwise this relationship might be over.

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