Testing 1-2-3 Bloomtubes

| Thursday, 23 January 2014 22:09

bloomtubes_spicerack 1I’m a little tight on space in my apartment and well, that means forgoing big items like my super stylish KitchenAid mixer that’s presently in a box back home. It makes me sad. See, I love my apartment but it’s a little smaller than what I’m used to and if I want to make this space seem and feel bigger, I can’t own bulky things without it looking like a hoarder’s paradise. So, how could I make my space – the kitchen – represent me without the all the frills? I turned to an episode of Sick Kitchens

See Nadia revamps Christina’s little itty-bitty kitchen in to a space bursting with character. That’s what I wanted.  I spend a lot of time in the kitchen because I love to cook. I love using spices and different herbs, testing out new recipes, but where to display them? I can’t exactly grow a basil plant like I used to. Luckily, when I learned I could showcase my favorite spices without a massive wooden or metal spice rack I was relieved.


Bloomtubes are magnetic micro vases made of durable, laboratory-grade borosilicate glass and rare earth magnets. They stick to all kinds of metal surfaces. They come in cute boxes too – mine came with corks since I was going for that whole spice rack thing.

Once you open the package it’s pretty straightforward. Like the klutz that I am, I accidentally dropped one of the Bloomtubes on the ground and for a split second I cursed myself for having the grace of a blind peg-legged pirate. Luckily, it didn’t break. Which for glass, is pretty impressive.


I proceeded to choose my favorite spices: Cayenne pepper, dried onion, coriander, salt, and hibiscus & chamomile tea leaves (great for salad dressings) and poured them in to the Bloomtubes. It wasn’t messy but if you want flawless precision, I suggest using a small funnel. Next, I corked them and stuck them to my stove. I played around with the positioning, but found that they looked best on the oven door. They stayed put, even when I used the oven and opened the door.

If you have toddler, I’d suggest sticking the Bloomtubes higher up where they won’t be able to spill your fine herbs all over the place or injure their tiny fat hands. I put herbs in mine, but you can go ahead and put anything in there: makeup brushes, arts and craft supplies, pretty flowers. Really, just be creative! Stick them to any metal surface — fences, mirrors, frames… Bloomtubes are really fun and a great way to accessorize your space.

You can buy Bloomtubes here.

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By Angelique Picanco

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