Bite This  5 Reasons a Porsche is Better Than a Baby — by Nadia G

5) Less carbon emissions. Sure you recycle, have LED bulbs, maybe even compost that nasty leftover organic kale salad. But the second you spawn, your carbon emissions soar to an exponential FORTY TIMES what you were outputting pre-stretchmarks. 4) Cheaper. Three times cheaper to be exact. ...


Food  Five Trends for the Bacon-Weary

Remember when you used to joke that eventually everything would be bacon-flavored, not realizing how true that would be? Has the excitement of trying an entrée described as a decadent fusion between the cuisines of two unrelated countries turned to ...


Bitchin Craft  Portable Fire Pit

Fire permits aren’t easy to get, but are easy to break. Building effective tee-pee log structures isn’t exactly a walk in the park either. So when the urge to dangle food over an open flame hits, your gas range won’t ...


Kulture  7 sketchy messages to Nadia G.

Being on the social media team for a good-looking celebrity chef is a lot like having access to a sorority sister’s Tinder account: Both involve a lot of sifting through pathetic pick-up lines. We’ve pulled together a handful of our ...


Rock This Look  DETROIT

If you remember our post on weird sh*t in Nadia G’s apartment, you surely remember how terrifying her obsession with old dolls (and their parts) was. Well, in true Nadia G style, she’s managed to fuse her love for morbid ...


Food  Deep Dish Pizza Get’s A Cinnamon Streusel Makeover

Here’s a fact of life; pizza makes everything better. So the next time you decide to try tossing dough in the air without it landing on your face, I’m going to recommend you save some dough for dessert. There’s an ...