Kulture  This food is sexy in all the wrong ways

Now that all of us have left print newspapers to die and chosen instead to get all our worldly knowledge from bloggers who spend their days in pajamas, stock photography has blown up. And we all know that nothing draws readers ...


Kulture  Blurred Lines: What’s Up with Contouring?

It’s hard to pinpoint when the age of contouring began. If the number of makeup artists who are insta-famous is any indication of the level at which we are completely obsessed with looking good and Hollywood-ready, then I’d say we’re ...


Food  Rainbow Cauliflower “Fried Rice”

It’s a grey day. Not the rainy, stay inside and watch Netflix kind of grey day we all love and crave. Nope – it’s a grey with road salt and broken nails sort of day. So I need the kind ...


Kulture  Skymall, this is why you’re going bankrupt

As you’ve probably heard by now, the seatback-pocket publication known as SkyMall has declared bankruptcy and, like so many other venerable journalistic outlets, may soon be closing its doors. As WSJ reports: “The company behind the in-flight catalog SkyMall filed for bankruptcy protection, ...


#PartnerShaming  The sink is not a dustbin

  Look, gents, we understand that hair grows on your face. But shaving in the sink and then not taking care of your whiskers is like shitting in the toilet and then letting your poo just sit there. Don’t do ...

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Top Five  Ruinous recipe reformulations

In the world of processed foods, there is perhaps no horror greater than learning your favorite snack has a new recipe. Maybe the price of X went up, so the company is using Y instead. Maybe there was a contract ...