Culture Bitchin’ Lifestyle’s TOP 5 Holiday Songs

| Tuesday, 25 December 2012 10:00

You’re a BIG TIME liar if you say you don’t like Christmas songs. You know the words to at least two of them so it’s time to stop being too cool, put on an ugly holiday sweater and rock out with your festive socks out.

No. 5 – Jingle Bell Rock

I can’t help but think about ‘Home Alone’ when this song plays. Man, did that kid know how to throw a fake party. It’s also a great song for people who forget lyrics, ‘cuz you just just repeat “jingle bell rock” until the cows come home.

No. 4 – Silent Night

This song is depressing and makes us emotional, so naturally it’s on the list. Waterworks and breakdowns aside, we’re sure this song has the capability to spark some warmth in even the grinchiest of hearts. You too, Grumpy Cat.

No. 3 – Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight) – The Ramones

The angsty teens we were, this song was practically our theme around the holidays. Truth is, we just need a little rock and or roll to break up the rest of these socially acceptable tunes. Watching our Nonna air guitar is pretty fun too.

No. 2 – Celebration/The Final Countdown/1999

These may not “technically” be Christmas songs but you’ll definitely hear them at every New Year’s Eve house party in North America. Classics in their own right, a NYE party would not be the same without them… especially Prince’s 1999.

No. 1 – All I want for Christmas – Mariah Carey

This song makes everyone happy. So much so, that even when I was recently awoken to this song playing (on loop) at 6AM, I didn’t want to curse the neighbor who was THAT happy, THAT early. Good Job, Mariah.

Bonus Track A Bitchin’ Christmas – Nadia G w/ Special Guests.

“An itchy sweater, with pleather…”  It’s catchy, it’s funny, and it’s loaded with surprise foodie guests! We can’t help but love this song, sure to become a holiday classic.

XO BK Crew

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