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| Friday, 30 November 2012 10:00

It’s a work day, and you better believe I’m feeling lazy. Look-for-dictation-applications-so-I-don’t-have-to-type-out-a-blog lazy! When you’re lucky enough to have laziness strike on a day off, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to be draw-on-yourself-with-sharpies bored. 

Channeling “not wanting to move” in a productive way can be the difference between never getting off the couch again, and truly enjoying your sloth tendencies before returning to the real world.I might be a professional slacker, so take my advice on how to accomplish something while doing nothing.

Stalk people on Facebook
This activity might be good for any regular day, but when you feel like doing nothing but stalking your old high school bullies, you’re going to come across the very best of the best photos to flame. Overweight exes, jobless queen bees and receding hair line pretty boys will make you feel way better about the ketchup stains that are still on your track pants from last week. Being a technological Sherlock takes lots of time for little effort. Grab yourself a big bowl of snacks, one of those carpel tunnel preventing wrist cushions and get to it.

Catch up on an entire season of a TV show
I know that at least one person in your life has been practically begging you to watch Dexter, Homeland or Parks and Rec. You’re only the “play all” button away from a full day of tuning out the world and accepting your new obsession. Don’t worry about getting out of bed, because if you have a Netflix or Hulu account, you don’t even need a “play all” button because it’ll automatically go to the next episode for you. If getting invested in character development and plot is even too much for you to handle today, find a Keeping up with Kardashians marathon. They’re on and I’m watching way more often then I’d like to admit.

Learn a new recipe
First of all, I’m not taking five course meals or practicing your knife skills. Nadia and the gang have some awesome lazy day recipes for you to try out, granted you can find someone to do the dishes for you (we all know that’s the worst part). When I’m feeling like a complete couch potato, I find I come up with the most creative meals. Like that time I had a leftover waffle sandwich because I didn’t want to go out and buy bread. Or that time I added Sriracha to cold soup because it was a faster way to “heat it up” than the stove. Ramen, club sized bags of anything and raw foods were made for lazy days.

Make lists
You’re not going to accomplish anything real today, but that’s no reason to not feel totally productive and creative. Making lists is like freeing your brain of all the heavy ideas weighing you down. Set goals, do pros and cons for ordering another pair of shews online (pros always win) or make lists of what you plan to do the next time you’re lazy, although I’m totally taking care of that one for you (you’re welcome).

Sleep in
When it doubt, dream. Get as many pillows and as many blankets as you have accessible to you and cuddle up! Bonus points to anyone who has an equally lazy partner, animal or oversized stuffed animal.

I know you’re already feeling too lazy to reply to texts, change channels and answer your door buzzer, so forget about them. Declare today a technology free one (if you’ve gotten the Facebook and TV shows out of the way) and live like a primitive and uber lazy individual.

Lazy might mean the death of your exercise, work and basic cleanliness routines, but when you settle in to the feeling, you might find you actually enjoy it. At the very least, you’ll wear a pretty good groove in to your sofa for a more comfortable TV experience. 

By: Eva Severed

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