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Why is All the Wine Gone?

It's that moment you get home from a long day with only one thing on your mind. Your girlfriend, sure, but that other thing — that one last bottle of Pinot Noir. It's your favorite brand at the $8-$10 price point, ... Read More

Cats. Cats cats cats. The interwebz loves 'em, but until now there's been one feline facet that's gone un-memed: their buttholes. Get ready, because that's about to change. Twinkle Tush is the final step in converting the small animal ... Read More
Skivvies on the Bathroom Floor

Nothing like starting the day by stumbling groggily into the bathroom and tripping over a pile of your partner's clothes that he or she stripped off before stepping into the shower. It's like when snakes shed their skin, only ... Read More