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I’m not one for BuzzFeed posts but sometimes they are right on point. Take for example anything related to cats. Golden material. That crap gets shared 1.7 million times. I’ve had cats all my life so I’m more inclined ... Read More
Chef Jacques La Merde is having loads of fun it seems, plating gorgeous meals on Instagram. The kicker? He's taken everyday junk food and made it look glorious. Check them out: THIS IS A DUO OF POGOS W/ MARBLE CHEEZE SLICES, ... Read More
Snacks! Everyone loves them. Maybe you don’t gorge yourself with this items everyday but you tell yourself that once it a while, it can’t be that bad for you. Unless you have 1400 Slim Jims, because consuming that many can ... Read More
Heavy Metal

We loved Nadia’s look on Sick Kitchen’s so much that we decided to scour the interwebs for some similar styles so you could rock the yourself. Say hello to the sleek modern rocker, minus the frizzy 80s hair. To ... Read More

The scent of a woman can sometimes be described as soft powder, sweet floral or even cotton candy. Well, move over Dior, Burger King has something else in mind. ... Read More