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| Friday, 18 January 2013 16:03

Happy New Year BK nation!! I hope everyone spent New Year’s counting down ‘till midnight doing push-ups, like I did. I started at 11pm and went the full hour… oooohhh yeah!! Now before I begin, Mrs. G advised me that for legal reasons I need to add the following: “Please make sure to consult a medical professional before starting a new diet, supplement regime and/or workout program.” C’mon, who you gonna trust; a person who has seven plus years of medical schooling or a guy who appears in his underwear, covered in body oil on TV? Shiny underwear guy wins every time!!! Due to my rigorous training and body oiling schedule, I was not able to answer every question, but I will continue to answer any of the questions I did not get to on my Facebook page.

Hans xoxo


Ayorey Nottingham: Hans! How do I keep myself motivated for staying healthy and stuff I’m trying to live healthier this year, but it feels like I’m already failing right now… *sigh*

HANS: Mrs. N, I find that there is one common mistake a person makes with their fitness resolutions… it is not manageable long term. What are your priorities? Not just in fitness, but in life. For me, it’s having time to prance around in my red tights 365 days a year while giving fitness and healthy eating advice… and sometimes letting the world know how great unicorns are. You should not have to skip going to business meetings and coaching your kids’ basketball team in order to make it to the gym 7 days a week. However, you definitely can replace the hour spent mindlessly watching the Monday night made for TV movie starring Tori Spelling, with a quick circuit training workout in the basement. The first thing I try to explain to any person that has the goal to get “back” into shape is that the training and nutrition plan has to fit their lifestyle. If you do not think you can maintain your program for the course of the year and beyond, you are setting yourself up for failure from the get-go. Once you have established how you will realistically fit your new regime into your life, set goals and write them down. Try to establish a realistic goal for one month from now, 6 months from now and so on. This should help you stay on track when you start to stray… into the donut aisle. Remember, being healthy should not be an “all or nothing” endeavour.  Try to make healthy choices, and when you don’t, don’t sweat it. Just make the next choice a healthy one.

Bitchin Kitchen: Hans! What are some great exercises to do to break up hours of internet time? My friend wants to know…

HANS: Mrs. G! 5 sets of 15 reps!!! No seriously, 5 sets of 15 reps will do the trick. This should help kick some endorphins into your system and keep your internet session running at full power!

15 push-ups x 5

15 crunches x 5

15 body weight squats x 5

Personally, I like to break up the internet time doing things like staring at myself in the mirror (sometimes I pose too, depends on my mood), deciding between red or black tights, challenging Panos and the Spice Agent to a push up contest, and generally just being wonderfully alluring… ohhhhh yeahhhhhh xoxo…PS: Please tell your friend I say hi!! 😉

Rosemarie Leipply: What are some good exercises for someone who just turned 51? My job is working as a custodian at a high school and it is very physical and demanding. Then I also chase my 3 and 2 year old grand children. So I need something more to help me lose more weight. I have to keep uppping the bar but man I am tired! Hahhaha. Any help would be appreciated. Love your show Nadia!

HANS: Mr. L, I’m gonna make you feel like 51 is the new 41!! Physically demanding jobs can definitely reduce the desire to exercise, and toss in some of those quick, never tiring grand-kiddos and it is a recipe for exhaustion. I can relate because I chase the Bitchin’ Kitchen crew around the set when I need my body oiled… you’d be amazed, some of them are pretty fast and have been really creative finding hiding spots!! We couldn’t find Panos for a week once!

Due to the physical nature of your work, I would rely heavily on nutrition and maybe a quick circuit training program performed 2 to 3 times a week to help you get some of the unwanted pounds off. For nutrition, make sure you are eating small frequent meals (aim for 5). These do not have to be sit down at the table 3 course meals, just a quick snack you can have on the go between making those rooms sparkling clean. Make sure to include a protein source in each one of those meals (in a jam, a protein shake can do the trick). To speed up the process, limit your sugar and starchy carb intake and make your main carbohydrate source dark green veggies. As far as the circuit training goes, pick an exercise for each body part (pick a total of about 5 to 8) and do it in a rotation. As far as age specific exercises…Hans don’t buy that!! I hate to admit it, but I have trained with guys and gals twice my age who have made me look like a quivering 6 year old version of the Spice Agent. Keep active and eat right, and make 20 year olds ask what your secret is!

Sonia DeWolf: What are some good exercises for toning up my midsection?

HANS: Mrs. D, the first thing to note when searching out a toned midsection is that nutrition and body fat reduction are key! This means you cannot skip cardio and proper diet. Yes, I am referring to putting the chocolate bar down and getting on the exercise bike. If you absolutely must have chocolate, try my trick of just rubbing it externally on your body…ooohhhh yeeaaahhhh! I suggest not doing this at the gym; apparently it violates a gym policy,trust me on this one. You can do all the crunches you want but no one is going to see those great abs if they are covered in layer of horrible nutrition and laziness. Once my nutrition and cardio are in place, I incorporate these exercises into my program 2 to 3 times a week;

Plank hold: 30 to 60 seconds

Swiss ball crunch: 15 to 25 reps

Hanging leg raises: 10 to 15 reps

Twist with vacuum (Vacuum refers to sucking in your gut/flexing your abs): 15 to 15reps

Amy Stasuik: I want to Start going to the gym but I can’t afford a personal trainer and I don’t know what to do while there apart for running on a treadmill or elliptical. Is there any books/websites/videos that can help me create a workout regime?

HANS: Mrs. S, there are definitely plenty of resources out there. One idea would be to find a fitness program in a magazine or on the internet that you think would be reasonable to follow. If you are unsure of the mechanics of an exercise listed in your regime, it should be pretty easy to find video of most movements on our all telling and showing friend Youtube. With that being said, I would strongly suggest having someone show you the ropes the first couple time to make sure you are performing the exercises correctly. Ideally, that somebody should be shirtless and wearing extremely tight red underwear.

Matt Milligan: I can never do a push up or sit up because I have big fat gut! Is there some way I can still do them without hurting myself?

HANS: Mr.M, for the push-up issue, you could begin doing them on an angle. This would be done by having your hands resting on low table or the couch. This will keep your gut out of the way and make the range of motion will feel a little bit easier. As the gut disappears and you get stronger keep lowering the angle until you’re doing a push-up with your hands on the floor. I wouldn’t stress over not being able to do a sit-up, because crunches are where it’s at! A crunch is performed in a similar manner as sit-up, but without your lower and mid-back leaving the floor. The goal being to raise your shoulders towards your midsection by using the abdominal muscles. Then before you know it, you will be that guy who only posts Facebook pictures of himself with his shirt off. You all know that guy….shhheesshh put a shirt on already!!

Gina Castle: I was in a major car accident last year and packed on a lot of pounds during recovery. Lost 27 of those miserable pounds so far, but more to go! Sciatica is on of the things still lingering. What can I do to get rid of that sciatica and get all around stronger again? Free weights, Bowflex, and treadmill are in my garage, but I can’t seem to “organize” myself to do proper sets. I need your help! Thanks!!

HANS: Mrs. C, Sorry to hear that you were in a car accident. When it comes to getting organized and on track, having a game plan is key. First thing that you need to do is to make, or steal off the internet, a training routine. Your routine will act as your map *long pause* to success (…see what I did there…added a little suspense). Having this plan in front of you with a list of exercises to be performed on certain days will prevent you from cheating yourself and wandering aimlessly around your garage. When I head to the gym I always know what exercises are going to be performed before I step foot in the door. With this plan I know I am being efficient with my time to optimally reach my goals. Due to your spinal injury, I would make sure your program focuses on strengthening your back and abdominal muscles with light exercises and stretching (the goal being to build up the muscles surrounding the injury). I would also recommend stretching your hamstrings regularly. Tight hamstrings have been known to cause stress on the lower back which in turn could aggravate your sciatica. On a different note, don’t you think “sciatica” sounds like an ancient Greek God?! Funny, because the Greek Goddess of sexiness will be exactly what you will look like if you follow my advice…oooooohhhhh yeeaaaahhhhh!!!

Leila Gangi: Dear Hans, I hate cardio like Nadia hates Nickelback. I take a spin class once a week and suffer on the elliptical two other days..any ideas of new things I can throw in the mix? Your fav cardio? Thanks!

HANS: Mrs G, I find that if I do a good flexing session for about half an hour, covered in the finest body oils imported from Peru, that does the trick. Some other alternatives are to do a cardio circuit. Here is a sample of a program you can do to spark some excitement back into your cardio.

Skip rope (30 sec at moderate intensity)

Jumping Jacks x 25

Shadow box (30 sec to min at high intensity)

Body weight squats x 25

Skip rope (30 sec at moderate intensity)

Sit-ups 10 to 15reps

Shadow box (30 sec to min at high intensity)

Push-ups 10 to 15reps

….and repeat! You should do this circuit 3 to 5 times with minimal rest between exercises in each circuit. When weather permits and I can get to an open field, I will do 40 yard wind sprints between each exercise listed above. (If you are going to incorporate the wind sprints…repeat the circuit 1 or 2 times). As a cool down, I usually run through the field barefoot in slow motion for no other reason than it makes me feel like a frolicking unicorn on warm autumn day.

Crystal Myatt: Should you work out before or after you eat? I work out in the am before breakfast (oats and ground flax) then I work out later in the day too. But when I work out in the morning should it be before or after breakfast? I figure if you work out before you eat, then you’re working off existing fat, and if you work out after you eat then you ‘re working off what you just ate. Thanks for any advice.

HANS: Good question Mrs. M, there are differing opinions on the subject, but I usually follow the protocol of empty stomach for morning cardio or light circuit training. The idea being that you should be able to get into your fat stores faster because you do not have to work off the calories you just consumed. (Your line of thought is right in line with mine….ooohhh yeeeaaahhhh). If you are going to attempt empty stomach training of any kind I would make sure to have some fruit juice handy. If you begin to feel light headed (you know that feeling you get everytime I appear on your TV set) take a gulp. This should regulate your blood sugar and the feeling will pass. On the other hand, if I am going to do some serious weight training, I make sure to try to get a meal in me beforehand. You know I need some serious energy to rock out 5 sets of 15 reps!!!

Scott Giustini: Bart got a good one for ya. Just out of cancer. Chemo wiped my butt all out. Have gym membership, eating right just can not seem to find my oomph to get my a** in gear. Any suggestions for more energy and better metabolism?

HANS: First off, amazing job kicking cancer’s butt! Super proud of you, brother! I have helped people going through chemotherapy before and energy levels are always a big concern. Proper nutrition is important to help elevate energy levels and spark your metabolism. Being properly hydrated and getting a good supply of fruit and vegetables into your body should help a great deal with some of the fatigue. In order to make sure you are fulfilling all your bodies nutritional needs, I would also consider supplementing with Omega 3 Oil, a probiotic, a multi-vitamin, and a whey or vegetarian based protein powder (especially if you are having difficulty getting regular meals into your body). Did you know protein is essential to helping you rebuild the muscle that was lost during your treatment? And the cool thing about the rebuilding of muscle is that the process also aids in burning fat… true story.

Tired already? Tune in next time, when Hans answers YOUR questions about all things fitness! Right now, head on over to his Facebook page, hit the “like” button and feel free to show him off as your new trainer 😉

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